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Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Conferences

To re-energize our engagement with the Indian Diaspora and have a sustained dialogue with them, the first ever series of ten PBD conferences were held from February to November 2016 in New Delhi. Each conference saw participation of nearly 10 overseas Indian experts and an equal number of policy makers and stakeholders based in India. The conferences were chaired by EAM or MOS(VKS) and co-chaired by the relevant GOI Cabinet minister as per the issue discussed. Each Conference submitted to the Ministry a set of recommendations on the issue discussed – which was circulated to concerned Government Ministries and stakeholders for their consideration and action.

Schedule of PBD Conferences in 2016:

Subject Month
1. Diaspora contributing to India's Social and Developmental Efforts Feb 2016
2. Delivering Consular Services (OCI/PIO Cards, Visa, Mission Response & Connectivity) March 2016
3. Accelerating Tourism in India April 2016
4. Making India the Preferred Destination for Holistic Health Care May 2016
5. Managing Emigration to ECR Countries and role of ICM June 2016
6. Diaspora: Transferring Knowledge and Encouraging Innovation (Science & Technology, Education, Start-up India) July 2016
7. Engaging the Diaspora in Girmitiya Countries August 2016
8. Problems associated with Students abroad and NRI Students in India September 2016
9. Connecting with Diaspora through Social Media October 2016
10. Role of Diaspora Community Organisations November 2016