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Remarks by Prime Minister at Plenary Session of the 7th BRICS Summit (9 July 2015)

July 09, 2015

(This is English translation of the Remarks which were made in Hindi)

Your Excellency President Vladimir Putin,
Your Excellency President Dilma Rousseff,
Your Excellency President Xi Jingping,
Your Excellency President Jacob Zuma

  1. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude once again to President Vladimir Putin for the warm welcome and commendable arrangement. We have this opportunity of visiting this beautiful region of Russia because of him.
  2. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the eminent leadership shown by President Rousseff last year. BRICS managed to reach new heights last year.
  3. I would like to thank my BRICS partners for contributing in making 21st June, International Day of Yoga, a great success. This day was celebrated in more than 250 cities across 193 countries.
  4. BRICS acts as a vital pillar of hope for this world full of political challenges, safety related challenges and economic challenges.
  5. This is because BRICS work is not limited to just BRICS countries, but also towards the welfare of the world as a whole and especially for the developing nations.
  6. Our discussions have been quite fruitful and we have discussed about various subjects during the first session and lunch.
  7. The challenges faced by the world are same for all the countries. Therefore, it is imperative to have consensus, collaboration and cooperation among all the big countries and all should follow the international rules and norms strictly.
  8. We are meeting in the 70th year of United Nations. This year, the world has to take major or concrete decisions on the development and climatic change issues.
  9. Any challenge, either in economic, social or political field, we will be more successful in solving them., when we will complete the reforms in United Nations Security Council on time. If this global organisation is meant to be beneficial in the 21st century, then it is absolutely necessary to complete its reforms at the earliest.
  10. Peace and stability is the basis of social and financial development. For our own sake and for the sake of entire world, it is our responsibility to address the primary security challenges related to terrorism and militant issues and take effective action.
  11. We have to work and fight together as one, instead of grouping ourselves in countries, and without differentiating among various sponsors and targeted countries. We have to do this at BRICS forum, at United Nations and its Security Council and various other committees.
  12. After 2015, we need to put forward Development Agenda for poverty alleviation as a main agenda before United Nations.
  13. We must acknowledge the success of BRICS in economic field. Their success includes New Development Bank, Contingency Reserve Fund, Export Credit Insurance, Financing for Innovation and new proposals for Customs Cooperation and Reinsurance Pool.
  14. BRICS Economic Cooperation Strategy is a milestone achieved in the BRICS development. This includes a number of political issues too. During Restricted Session, I had suggested the role of BRICS cooperation in Annual BRICS Trade fair, BRICS Railways Research Centre and Supreme Audit Institutions.
  15. Climate Change is one of the major global issues, which we are facing presently. BRICS countries should establish Energy Efficiency Technologies programme to provide cheap renewable energy to the world. This is the only way to reach Clean Energy. I would like to have the first fund provided by New Development Bank, towards the Clean Energy project. It will be great if this can be done for all the five countries at one time.
  16. By the end of this year, BRICS countries need to establish better coordination so that we can have a fruitful and ambitious agreement agreed to in Paris.
  17. We can also focus on BRICS Digital Initiative by utilising our skills and provide new ideas to the developing countries. In the field of development, we can use Digital Technology and make our delivery of services more effective and enhance financial inclusion and empowerment.
  18. Last year, I had spoken about focussing on youth. BRICS countries should in their own countries and in this progressive world need to focus on women empowerment too in their countries.Excellency’s,
  19. We had discussed about the migration issues. On one hand migrations, owing to the world’s demographic trends can primarily become a source in contributing to attaining global financial balance.
  20. On the other hand, due to struggle and scarcity faced by the migrants, giving way to humanitarian issues. The United Nations needs to introspect deeply on this issue.
  21. We would like to welcome Russia to initiate the first meeting on BRICS Standing Working Group on Migration to establish BRICS Heads of Migration Services.

  22. We are quite strong and well equipped in the field of agriculture and we are also at the top position in many fields across the world. I would like to propose to establish BRICS Agriculture Research Centre which will be a gift to the entire world.
  23. In a similar way, we can work on creating a system wherein we can invest in augmenting production and infrastructure in agriculturally rich or land rich countries. We can send the extra production to less productive countries. This will be a significant next step.
  24. Water scarcity is going to be a significant challenge in future. Availability of water, its better usage and drinking water are the prime challenges in developing countries. This is a field, where the countries having good experience and expertise can bring changes in other countries.
  25. I would like to suggest that a Forum should be created which should connect the states and the local governments. They can learn a lot of things from each other. Urbanisation is a big challenge, but in the future, it will prove to be a great opportunity. We can initiate conversation and cooperation amongst cities and can learn a lot from each other.
  26. Some BRICS members are Sports Powerhouses. We need to establish BRICS Sports Council and should conduct a yearly BRICS Sports Meet focussing on any one sport at a time. To begin with, we will be launching a Football Meet in India next year. This is a sport which is loved by all the BRICS countries.
  27. Lastly, I would again, like to congratulate President Putin for this successful summit meeting. I believe that the determination and will power which I am witnessing among the BRICS members will surely take BRICS to reach newer heights and we will be contributing a lot more towards world’s development.
  28. Next year, I will take this opportunity to welcome you in India. I invite you to attend next BRICS meeting in India.
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