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Media Statement by External Affairs Minister at the conclusion of 14th RIC Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, Moscow (April 18, 2016)

April 18, 2016

As you know, we have just concluded the 14th Meeting of RIC Foreign Ministers. We discussed several issues of regional and global interest and I am happy that our consultations were friendly and constructive.

This underscores the utility of this forum. We apprised each other of our respective positions on various issues and all three of us agreed on the merit of coordinating our positions.

A Joint Communiqué is being issued, which reflects the common positions held by all three of us on a range of issues.

As I said in my opening statement where several of you were also present, international terrorism remains the foremost threat to international peace and security.

I stressed the need to craft an effective global strategy to counter terrorism, including at the UN. I look forward to working with both my colleagues, in this regard.

We had a productive exchange of views on the situation in the Middle East. We all stressed our commitment to support democratic, pluralistic and peaceful forces in order to restore stability in the region.

We also discussed the situation in Afghanistan and agreed that it was important for the international community to remain engaged and support the Afghanistan Government in its development and reconciliation efforts and in defeating terrorist forces.

On the issue of Security Council reforms, I once again urged both Russia and China to take the lead in ensuring that the IGN process in the UN advances swiftly. India’s permanent membership of the Security Council is long overdue and this anomaly needs urgent rectification.

We also had an exchange of views on various groupings, including BRICS.

I would like to thank both my colleagues for expressing their full support for our BRICS presidency this year.

We look forward to active participation of both Russia and China in various activities that we have planned throughout the year and throughout India. We also look forward to welcoming President Putin and President Xi Jinping in Goa in October for the BRICS Summit.

Let me conclude by thanking our Russian hosts for their hospitality. I will be happy to host both my colleagues next year.

Thank you.

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