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English Translation of Prime Minister's speech on Islamic Heritage: Promoting Understanding and Moderation (March 01, 2018)

March 01, 2018

Your Majesty the King of Jordan Janaab Abdullah Ibn Al Hussain,


Religious scholars, top leaders and distinguished guests present here,

It’s a matter of great pleasure and pride for me that today the King of Jordan is present here amongst this gathering of a few selected leaders and religious scholars of India.

Describing something about you is beyond words.

Also, the important role played by you in creating the true identity of Islam cannot be explained, it can only be felt.

His Highness, the book of Prince Ghazi which has been discussed here just a while ago is also the result of the efforts made in Jordan under your leadership.

I am completely hopeful that it will be of great help for the curious minds to understand Islam and the youth all over the world will read it.

With the kind of ease, simplicity and sobriety you have accepted my request to attend this event very clearly shows your affection towards India and its people.

Your Majesty,

Your country Jordan which is a friend of us is an indelible name in the historical and religious books.

Jordan is situated on such a holy land from where the message of God reverberated in the entire world in the form of the voice of prophets and saints.

Your Majesty,

You yourself are a wise person and very much familiar with India. You know it very well that all the major religions of the world have flourished in India’s cradle.

All the religions and sects have flourished on the Indian soil. They breathed, they got life here.

Be it the Lord Buddha two thousand five hundred years ago or Mahatma Gandhi in the last century.

The sweet fragrance of the message of peace and love has spread in the entire world from India’s garden. For centuries, the light of the message of this place has shown us the right path.

The calming effect of this message has also applied a balm on the wounds. Leave aside the philosophy and religion, common people of India are full of this understanding that all the people have the light of that one power. Every single thing has the reflection of that same God.

Your Majesty,

As per the ancient belief India’s capital Delhi is Indraprastha. It was also the land of poetry of Sufi saints.

The mausoleum of a very prominent Sufi saint Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya, who was discussed a while ago, is just at a short distance from here. The name Dilli has been derived from the word Dehleej.

This doorstep of the land of two rivers – Ganga-Jamuna is the gateway to India’s mixed Ganga-Jamuni culture.

The ancient Indian philosophy and the mixed tradition of the love and humanity of Sufi saints have given the message of fundamental unity of the mankind from here.

This feeling of oneness of mankind has given India the philosophy of the whole world being one family (Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam). It means that India and Indians have established their own identity by considering the entire world as one family.

Cultural and social diversity and plurality and the openness of our approach, this is the identity of India.

Every Indian is proud of our this unique trait of this diversity of our legacy and this legacy of diversity even if he may speak any language, even if he is the one who lights a lamp in a Temple or the one who bows down in a Mosque or it is somebody who offers prayer in a Church or one who sings Shabad in a Gurudwara.

Your Majesty,

At present the colorful festival of Holi is being celebrated in India. Buddhist new year just begun a few days ago.

At the end of this month entire country will celebrate Good Friday and after a few weeks it will celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha.

Then after some time there will be the holy month of Ramzan at the end of which the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr will remind us of sacrifice and mutual harmony and synergy.

These are some of the examples of many Indian festivals which are the festivals of peace and harmony.


Democracy is just not a political system in the world’s largest democracy India but it also the fundamental basis of equality, diversity and concord.

Indian democracy is a celebration of our age old plurality. This is that power because of which every Indian has respect for his glorious past, belief in the present and confidence about the future.


The rich diversity of our tradition provides us that support which is extremely essential in fight against the challenges like terrorism and extremism in today’s world that is full of uncertainties and apprehensions; that has been plagued by violence and rancor.

This legacy and value of ours, the message of our religions and their principles are those powers on the basis of which we can overcome challenges like violence and terrorism.


Those who carry out barbaric attacks against humanity probably fail to understand that the damage is being done to that religion only on whose behalf they claim to stand for.

The movement against terrorism, extremism and radicalization is not against any sect. It is against that mentality which compels our youth, by misguiding them, to carry out atrocities on the innocent people.

Your Majesty,

In India, it is our effort to take everyone along for the progress of everyone. Because the destiny of the entire country is linked with the progress of every citizen. Because the happiness of the country is linked with the happiness of everyone.


Your presence here in such a large number is indicative of the fact that how much yearning, how much commitment you have for showing the path to the coming generations.

This also symbolizes the fact that you not only lay emphasis on the progress of youth but also on providing them the teachings of human values.

Holistic happiness and all round development are only possible when you ensure that the Muslims youth have a Quran Sharif on one hand and a computer on the other.

The essence of religion can never be inhuman. Every sect, every creed, every tradition exists only for furthering the human values.

Therefore, today it is most essential that while on the one hand our youths are connected to humane Islam and on the other they can also use the modern science and means for progress.

Your Majesty,

The steps which have been taken under your guidance they are extremely helpful in containing the fire of barbarism.

It’s a matter of pleasure for us that two Indians too have been signatory to the Amman Declaration and they are present here amongst us.

It is our effort to create this kind of responsible awareness with the help of influential leaders like you, with the friends like Jordan and with the cooperation of the leaders of all the sects and religions which will show the path to the entire mankind.

All our efforts will be further strengthened due to your presence. India would like to walk with you side by side in your efforts made in the direction of de-radicalization.

More than a thousand Indian Ulemas, religious scholars and leaders are present here to assure about this thing. They are also present here so that they hear your thoughts. Because, we will gain both courage and guidance from your leadership. I am extremely grateful to you for accepting the invitation to be here.


I thank you very much for participating in this event.

Thank you very much.

Disclaimer: PM’s speech was delivered in Hindi. This is an approximate translation of his speech.

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