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English Translation of Prime Minister's speech during Delegation Level Talks in Wuhan (April 27, 2018)

April 27, 2018

Your Excellency
President of People's Republic of China Mr. Xi Jinping,


I am very grateful to you for the welcome accorded to me and my delegation in China's Wuhan city. We people of India register this matter with great pride that perhaps the Prime Minister of India is the first, whom you have received twice outside the capital, this in itself is love towards India and your affection towards India, which is visible. You yourself came there, welcomed us, this is a welcome for India. I express my gratitude from my heart.


Last time when we met in July and the topic of informal conversation developed between us and today you invited us for this informal summit and created a spectacular atmosphere, created a very positive environment and your personal contribution is very huge and I appreciate it from my heart.

And as you have rightly said that when we two responsible people of two countries, representing nearly 40 percent of the world's population are meeting, then it does not mean a summit of leaders of the two countries, the meaning is not so limited. I am looking at a much bigger context of the historical cultural heritage in it.

And the world is witness to this and there is a very in-depth study. In the history of the last 2000 years, 1600 years have passed, one thousand and six hundred years, in which China and India's economy have driven the whole world economy, We have given strength and our economy of two countries for 1600 years out of 2000 years, had almost 50% of the share for both of us and the share of the remaining world was reduced to just 50%. For 1600 years, such a big impact of two countries, this is a big deal.

And its effects have been benefited by the economic, social, religious, cultural, scientific, and a positive impact in every region of the world.

And I believe the responsibility of doing good to 40% of the population of this world has come up to us and doing good for the 40% public, it means that there is a successful attempt to emancipate the world from many problems, and that's our great purpose. To walk with and fulfill the resolutions, this is a huge opportunity in itself.


In the statement that you made in the Congress, you talked about New Era, I am talking about New India in India. I think our thinking is alike, I think, it decides that your New Era dream and our New India effort, this is our own step in the right direction for the world's benefit in itself.


I strongly agree with the importance of peace and stability in the world, I fully agree that India and China can play a very big positive role for peace, stability and prosperity in the world.
v And when India and China are moving towards peace, stability, prosperity of the world, then I see five very positive elements in it. The thinking we share, the contact between us, the cooperation between us, the same resolution between us, the same dreams we share. These five elements are: thought, contact, cooperation, dreams, resolutions, which can become the strength of world peace and world prosperity.


I think that there is a proximity between us, the trust towards each other is born, the understanding between each other has increased, how it can be gradually converted into People-to-People contact and it is the biggest Strength which will be formed and that will be the strength of not only the two countries, but for the bright future of the world.

And when I talk about the world's STRENGTH, we have a built-in People to People contact. And when I talk about STRENGTH, for me, 'S" stands for Spirituality, 'T' stands for Tradition, Trade and Technology, 'R' for Relationship , 'E' for Entertainment like Movies, Dance, Music and Art, 'N' stands for Nature , 'G' for Games , 'T' for Tourism and 'H' for Health and Healing and we can make all our plans with these alphabets.

So this STRENGTH, I think it is the purpose of both of us to move around the dreams of changing the world's power. I am glad that you have given a great importance to this informal summit. You invited us for the first summit and today that dream has come true and I am happy that this informal summit will develop in to a regular practice and I would be delighted to get an opportunity to host such an informative summit in 2019 on the soil of India.

Disclaimer: PM’s speech was delivered in Hindi. This is an approximate translation of his speech.

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