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Translation of Press Statement by Prime Minister during State Visit of President of the Republic of Korea to India

July 11, 2018

Your Excellency President Moon,
All the delegates present here,
Friends from Media,

It is a matter of great pleasure for me to welcome President Moon on his first state visit to India.

I first met President Moon about a year ago during the G-20 Summit in Hamburg. And at that time I had invited him to visit India. Today, the whole world is very closely watching the events happening in the Korean Peninsula. At such duration he has taken out time to visit India between his busy programs. And so, I congratulate him especially.


Probably few people know that India and Korea relations are a kind of family ties. Centuries ago, a princess of the Ayodhya, Princess Suri-Ratna, was married to the king of Korea. And you will be surprised to know that even today millions of people in Korea consider themselves as their descendants.India and Korea have had strong connections during the modern times also. At the time of war in Korea, the work of India's Parachute Field Ambulance Unit is appreciated even today.


Economic and social progress of the Republic of Korea is a unique example in the world itself. The people of Korea have shown that if a country becomes committed to a shared vision and purpose then the goals that seem impossible can also be achieved.

This progress of Korea is also an inspiration for India. And it is a matter of great happiness that the Korean companies have not only invested in India but they have also created employment opportunities in India by joining our Make in India mission. With their commitment towards quality, Korean companies have made a special place for Korean products in Indian households.


In our discussions today, we not only reviewed our bilateral relations, but we also shared our thoughts on regional and global issues freely and frankly. I understand that at the policy level India's Act East Policy and the New Southern Strategy of the Republic of Korea are naturally aligned. And I warmly welcome President Moon's idea that the relations between India and the Republic of Korea is one of the base pillars of its New Southern Strategy.

As a result of our dialogue, a vision statement is being released. Our focus is on strengthening our Special Strategic Partnership. One of the pillar of this relationship is our economic and business relationship. Today, we will meet with key CEOs of both countries shortly. I hope we will get some good suggestions from them to further strengthen our trade and investment links.

I am happy that we have taken a concrete step in the form of the Early Harvest Package today to upgrade our Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement. Keeping in mind the future of our relations and the rapid technology changes happening in the world, we have decided to set up the Innovation Cooperation Center and the Future Strategy Group together.


Whole credit of accelerating the peace process in the Korean Peninsula, keeping it on track, and its progress goes to President Moon. I believe that the positive atmosphere which has been created is the result of the unremitting efforts of President Moon. I congratulate President Moon for this progress. In today's discussions I told him that the proliferation linkages of Northeast and South Asia are also a cause of concern for India. And therefore, India is also a stakeholder in the success of this peace process.

We will definitely provide whatever support is required to ease the tension. And therefore, we have decided to speed up our consultation and coordination. Forthcoming 2 + 2 Dialogue at the Secretary-level and the Joint Commission meeting at the Ministerial level will be very important in this regard.


Once again, I very warmly welcome President Moon, his wife and all the members of his delegation in India. On behalf of 1.25 billion Indians and on my behalf I wish him success in all his future efforts for peace.

See you again,
Thank You,
We will meet again,
Many many thanks.

Disclaimer: PM’s Speech was delivered in Hindi. This is an approximate translation of Speech.


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