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Prime Minister’s speech at the interaction with talented children during visit of President of Russia to India (October 05, 2018)

October 06, 2018


I have a very close friendship with President Putin but if I tell you that I the best gift I have received from him till now, then it would be that he recently invited me to Sochi. And not only that he requested me to visit the Sirius campus and gave me an opportunity to meet you all young people. If he had not insisted me to visit there then I would have just heard that Mr. Putin has created a great institution where children come. I would not have got that much clear idea about the institute had I not visited the institute.

I think perhaps this is President Putin's greatest investment for Russia's future. He has devoted his entire intellectual capability, commitment and emotions in this work.

When I visited there, I asked all the kids who wanted to visit India and I saw that everyone raised their hands, then on that day I had said that I would invite you all.

When President Putin met me in Johannesburg, I had requested him to visit India, but I said I would love it if he visits with the children. He remembered what I had requested and he brought all of you here. From past one week, talented children of India, talented children of Russia, they have not language barrier, their intellect is working, their scientific temperament is working and understanding the problems of the world, what we can contribute at this age, you have given your time to this effort.

Today, I got the opportunity to see five projects. I really felt that you have a real understanding of challenges and sensitivities because only then such innovations could be thought about. Today, the project makers and the whole team is here, I used to ask daily how these children are doing, are they comfortable. The Ambassador told me that when our Ambassador called you people in Moscow and asked you, you people told him that we have already formed a WhatsApp group and we have already been in touch with each other.

I would like you to maintain it in the future also. Similarly I would also like that talented Indian children visit your institute, and you also visit India regularly. What can the promising children of India and Russia together do for mankind? What can we do to simplify the life of humankind who go through big troubles in life, what can we do for such people? I understand that this could be one big contribution from our side.

You must have also met the scholars from the Atal Tinkering Lab, Atal Innovation Mission. Which research should we undertake and which not? Biggest thing is that we prepare scientific temper in every generation. We must inculcate a habit of looking at everything scientifically. Whether they become a scientist or not, their temper should be scientific. Without innovation world comes to a halt. When innovations will stop, world will get stuck there only.

We have seen that the development of humankind has been possible due to innovation. There will be innovations, there will be new challenges and every moment people are going to create new solutions. Let's start new from it and what we can give to the future generation, to the humankind, what can we do for increasing the ease of life for the poorest of the poor. If we dedicate our time and energy to this, then we will get satisfaction in our lives too. I am very happy that I got the opportunity to meet the new generation of both the countries. I wish my heartiest congratulations to all of you.

Many many thanks.

New Delhi
October 05, 2018

Disclaimer: PM’s Speech was delivered in Hindi. This is an approximate translation of Speech.

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