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Translation of PM’s address during Video Conference with the PM of Bangladesh

March 11, 2019

Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Your Excellency, Sheikh Hasina Ji,
Ministers from India and Bangladesh,
Young Bangladeshi leaders and parliamentarians visiting India,
And all my friends from Bangladesh and India connected live to this broadcast,

I hope that everything is well in Bangladesh!

First of all I congratulate the people of Bangladesh for successful conduct of the general election. In addition to that, I congratulate Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on her historic victory with a great mandate.


This is my sixth video conference with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Such an easy and frequent connect between the leadership of any two countries, in itself, shows how deep and strong the relations between the two countries are. And this video conference is happening at a very special time. This month, the birth centenary ceremony of Bangabandhu is going to be inaugurated in Bangladesh from March 17th. And on March 26, the 48th anniversary of Bangladesh's independence will also be celebrated. And between these two dates, millions of people in both the countries will celebrate the Holi festival too.


Whenever there is talk of strengthening connectivity between India and Bangladesh, I believe its biggest inspiration lies in the vision of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ji. And therefore, I am very happy that today we have not only taken steps to increase connectivity in transport but also in the field of knowledge. By connecting Bangladesh, the National Knowledge Network of India will now become a strong link connecting Bangladesh's scholars and research institutions to India and the world. Supply of buses and trucks will play a supporting role in Bangladesh's efforts to provide affordable public transport. Water Treatment Plants will provide thousands of homes with clean drinking water. And about 2 lakh people will benefit from Community Clinics by making health services available near to their homes. All these projects are directly related to public life. These projects show that India-Bangladesh relations are playing important and positive role in improving the quality of life of the people of both the countries.


The relations between people of India and Bangladesh are filled with affection and family emotions. Development of Bangladesh is definitely a topic of happiness for India, but it is also a source of inspiration for us. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has set ambitious targets for the development of Bangladesh. It is a matter of pride for us to make her realize her vision of making Bangladesh a middle income country by 2021, and developed country by 2041.Excellency,

I consider it a great privilege of mine to have worked together with you in the last five years for the Shonali chapter of Indo-Bangla relations. And I am very confident that the way last five years have been dignified for us, in the coming five years our bilateral relationship will scale even more heights. This is not only my belief by my commitment too. And this belief of mine has become even stronger today, because today I got an opportunity to meet many young MPs and leaders who came here from Bangladesh. I see bright future of Indo-Bangla relations in their talent and hard work.

May India-Bangladesh friendship be forever!

Many-many thanks.

March 11, 2019
New Delhi


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