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19th Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF) Summer University project: Sustainable Urbanisation in Heritage Cities

June 13, 2015

The ASEF University (AU19), now on its 19th edition, is a 2-week project designed to foster cross-cultural exchanges and networks among youth from ASEM countries. It offers opportunities for students and young professionals to broaden their horizon, deepen their insight into contemporary issues and comprehend their impact on ASEM countries. This year, ASEF will organise the 19th ASEF University (AU19), which will focus on Sustainable Urbanisation in Heritage Cities. Aimed towards bright students and young professionals, its goal is to raise awareness on cultural heritage as a crucial component in the process of sustainable urbanisation in ASEM countries. It will provide a platform for the participants from different relevant fields to think and discuss topics such as the challenges of urbanisation and the protection of cultural heritage. The two-week event being held at Symbiosis International University, Pune from August 9-23, 2015 will combine academic inputs with practical learning through formal education and non-formal education methodologies (i.e. workshops, lectures, trainings, etc.). Participants are envisaged to develop policy recommendations and present them in a creative way (i.e. through short films, photographs, physical models of sustainable urbanisation, etc.). ASEF expects participation by students and young professionals in the fields of humanities, social sciences, health studies, architecture, urban planning, business and other related fields from ASEM countries, as also experts in the said topics to speak on the occasion.

Click here to see ASEF Summer University Proposed Programme[208 KB]

Open Call for Participation [23 KB]


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