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Joint Statement on Cooperation between India and the United Kingdom on Cyber Issues

November 08, 2012

India and the United Kingdom upgraded their relations to a Strategic Partnership in 2004. As part of the India-UK Strategic Dialogue, it was agreed that the Foreign Ministries of our two countries would work together on areas of common interest in the cyber domain. The United Kingdom organised the London Conference on Cyberspace in 2011, which was attended at the Ministerial level by India. Subsequently, India and the United Kingdom have held the first structured dialogue on cooperation on cyber issues in October 2012.

Both India and the United Kingdom share the core principles of liberty, transparency, freedom of expression and the rule of law which apply in cyberspace. We have a shared interest in enhancing our bilateral cooperation in this area.

We have agreed to conduct our Cyber Dialogue in the following areas:

  • Enhancing international cooperation to reduce the risk of threats from cyberspace to international security.
  • Strengthening our bilateral cooperation to tackle cyber crime.
  • Further strengthening our bilateral operational partnerships to identify and respond to threats from cyberspace and raise our mutual resilience.
  • Collaborating on building skills and capacities to tackle threats from cyberspace and to use ICT for the objective of economic and social development.
  • Using existing cooperation between our universities and business communities to develop synergy in research and development on cyber issues.
  • Creating a global multilateral, democratic and transparent system of internet governance with participation of all stakeholders.
India and the United Kingdom agreed to conduct their Cyber Dialogue on a bi-annual basis to achieve these objectives.

New Delhi
8 November 2012

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