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Project Preparation Facility for Government of India (GoI) Lines of Credit (LOCs)

March 11, 2018

  • A Project Preparation Facility (PPF) has been set up by India to assist its development partner countries towards preparation of viable projects that can be considered for concessional financing under Lines of Credit. The PPF fills the capacity gap in identifying a need, conceiving a project and preparing a proper proposal.
  • The PPF would provide consultancy support on grant basis to requesting Governments for project formulation. It is a demand-responsive mechanism and a quick access facility to address priority needs of requesting governments.
  • Request to avail PPF may be made to the Ministry of External Affairs through the concerned Indian Mission by a partner country from any geographic region. Selection of consultancy firms for undertaking activities such as project identification, project formulation, pre-feasibility study etc. under the PPF would be done from among the list of consultancy firms empanelled by Exim Bank of India. The selected firm would then be quickly deployed to undertake the requested activity.
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