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Solar projects under implementation under GOI LOCs

March 11, 2018

S. No. Country Goods to be covered Amount (US$) Date of Approval Status
1 Mauritius Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of an 8 MW ac Solar PV Farm at Henrietta (Phase II), Mauritius 10,000,000 25.05.17 Under implementation
2 Mozambique Turnkey project for setting up of Solar Photo Voltaic Modules Manufacturing Plant of 5 MWp/year Capacity on Turnkey Basis in Mozambique 12,995,000 08-05-12 completed
3 Niger Project Management Consultancy for Construction of Solar Thermal Plant of 5 MW in Malabaza and Electrification of 30 villages through Solar System in Niger. 1,899,700 27-03-15 Under implementation
4 Niger Design, Engineering, Procurement and Supply, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Electrification works of 50 villages by Crystalline Solar Photovoltaic system (micro power plant and individual stand-alone solar kits). 9,273,000 02-11-16 Under implementation
5 Niger Design, engineering, procurement & supply, erection, testing and commissioning of Solar Photo voltaic 7 megawatt power plant in Malbaza, Niger 15,670,000 02-11-16 Under implementation
6 Niger (through EBID LOC) Solar Electrification of 50 villages in Niger 10,000,000 NA Under implementation
7 Nigeria Solar Mini Grid Electrification and Solar Street Lighting Project in the Kaduna State 27,598,825 29-06-17 Under implementation
8 Sierra Leone
(through EBID LOC)
Supply and installation of Solar Street Lighting 20,000,000 10-07-12 completed
9 Sudan Solar photovoltaic module manufacturing plant 576,900 29-06-04 completed
10 Sudan Supply of equipment for Solar Electrification 5,000,000 25-04-07 completed
11 Sudan Solar Photovoltaic Modules 1,000,000 10-07-07 completed
12 Suriname HF Communication Equipment, Solar Lanterns 1,500,000 24-03-05 completed
13 Senegal Supply, transportation and installation of equipment for electrical network in different regions of Senegal 27,499,970 13-12-16 Under implementation
Total About 143 million
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