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List of documents signed at the 13th India-Russia Annual Summit

December 24, 2012

List of documents signed at the 13th India-Russia Annual Summit

S.No Name of the Document Details Indian Signatory Russian Signatory
1. Protocol on Foreign Office Consultations 2013-14 The Protocol is an instrument to continue the tradition of close political consultations between the two Foreign Offices. The current Protocol outlines seventeen different broad themes for such exchanges. The bi-annual Protocol mechanism enables frequent contacts and promotes broad-based understanding between the various wings of the two Foreign Offices. Shri Salman Khurshid,External Affairs Minister Mr. S. Lavrov,Minister for Foreign Affairs
2. Memorandum on Cooperation between the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India and the Ministry for Education and Science of the Russian Federation in Science, Technology & Innovation The Memorandum shall facilitate deepening cooperation in the field of innovation and S&T, through implementation of joint programs or projects involving educational, R&D and industrial institutions. It also stipulates formation of a Working Group to implement the provisions of this MoC.

Shri Jaipal Reddy,

Minister for Science & Technology
Mr. Dmitry Livanov, Minister for Education and Science
3. Cultural Exchange Programme between the Ministry of Culture of the Republic Of India and The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation for the Years 2013 - 15 The document envisages enhancing bilateral cultural contacts through exchanges in performing arts, films, archives, museums and conservation, literature and language and through organization of reciprocal Festivals. It is in continuation to the previous CEP 2009-12. It also aims to preserve and promote the legacy of the Roerich Estate in Kullu (Himachal Pradesh), an important icon of cultural cooperation between the two countries. Smt. C.K. Katoch, Minister of Culture Mr. Vladimir Medinsky, Minister of Culture
4. Memorandum of Understanding to Promote Direct Investment between Russia and India MoU envisages investments upto US$ 2 billion in important bilateral projects or companies, privatization and other opportunities.

RDIF is a US$ 10 billion sovereign-backed Russian private equity fund established by the Russian Government to co-invest alongside global institutional investors. Since its inception in 2011, it has led investments totaling US$ 1.5 billion in Russian companies together with some of the largest asset managers in the world.
Shri Pratip Chaudhuri, Chairman, State Bank of India Mr. Kirill Dmitriev,
Director-General,Russia Foundation for Direct Investments
5. Memorandum of Understanding between Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd., New Delhi, India & Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd., New Delhi, India and NIS-GLONASS, Russia for conducting the proof of concept through pilot project for providing the Satellite based navigation services The MoU envisages a pilot project to assess the usage of the Russian Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS – the Russian equivalent of GPS) using the capabilities of BSNL/MTNL ground infrastructure. Success of the pilot project may provide insights for wider applicability of GLONASS signals in the future in areas such as disaster management, telephony and long-distance communications. Shri R.K. Upadhyay, Chairman & Managing Director, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd., &Shri A.K. Garg,Chairman & Managing Director, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. Mr. Alexander Chub, Director-General, OAO "NIS”

Military-Technical Contracts
6. Contract for Delivery of 71 Mi-17V-5 helicopters An order for procurement of 59 Mi-17 v5 MLH was agreed to in Feb 2010, which was subsequently increased to 71. The current contract is in context of the order.
7. Contract for Delivery of 42 technological kits for SU-30MKI aircraft licensed production The Protocol-II on licensed manufacturing of additional 42 SU-30MKI aircraft units was signed during Annual Summit 2011. The current contract is a follow up to this Protocol.

Business level Contracts
8. Strategic Cooperation Agreement between Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. and Joint Stock Company "Navigation Information Systems” (NIS) of Russia The Agreement shall establish and strengthen technology partner relations between the two enterprises in software development, systems integration, product engineering, professional services for and marketing of NIS products and TCS Solution frameworks. The areas of cooperation visualized concern sectors such as information technology enabled services, telecommunication systems, manufacturing etc
9. Joint Venture Agreement between Elcom Systems Private Ltd. and OAO "Vertoleti Rassi” (JSC "Helicopters Russia”) The joint venture aims to set up in India, a modern industrial facility for manufacturing of Russian models of helicopters (Ka- and Mi- brands). The JV will serve as an industrial base for hi-tech rotorcraft products from Russia to India and shall contribute to the development of the domestic aerospace industry. The enterprise will be eligible for implementing offset projects under various procurement tenders in India.JSC "Russian Helicopters” is a leading player in the global helicopter industry engaged in the business of modern civilian and military helicopters and training of aviation personnel. Elcom Systems is an established entity in the Indian telecommunications, security and navigation sectors.
10. Memorandum of Understanding for Joint Venture arrangement between Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Mumbai and Pharm Eco of Russia The joint venture company will engage in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals in Russia and other countries and envisages an investment of at least US$ 100 million. PharmEco will have 51% stake in the joint venture while Elder Pharmaceuticals will own 49% in the joint venture company.
New Delhi
December 24, 2012


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