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Official Spokesperson’s response to a question on termination of agreement with the GMR Group in Maldives

November 27, 2012

In response to questions on the decision of the Government of Maldives to terminate the agreement with the GMR Group, the official spokesman conveyed the following: -

We have noted the decision by the Government of Maldives to terminate the agreement with the GMR Group to manage the Male International Airport. It would be recalled that the consortium consisting of GMR and MAHB (Malaysian Airport Authority) had been awarded the contract to manage the Male International Airport concession through a global tender conducted by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Washington, a member of the World Bank. As the Advisor to the Government of Maldives, the IFC has stated that it has complied with Maldivian laws and regulations and followed international best practices at each step of the bidding process to ensure the highest degree of competitiveness, transparency and credibility of the process.

The investment by GMR represents the single largest foreign direct investment in the history of Maldives. The decision to terminate the contract with GMR without due consultation with the company or efforts at arbitration provided for under the agreement sends a very negative signal to foreign investors and the international community. The Government of India would continue to remain engaged with the Government of Maldives on this issue, and would expect that the Government of Maldives would fulfil all legal processes and requirements in accordance with the relevant contracts and agreement it has concluded with GMR in this regard.

We call upon the Government of Maldives and all concerned parties to ensure that Indian interests in Maldives and the security of Indian nationals are fully protected. The Government of India proposes to monitor the situation in Maldives closely and is prepared to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of its interests and its nationals in the Maldives. The Government of India will continue to be seized of the matter.

New Delhi
November 27, 2012

  • Hassans Mohammed Wrote

    December 02, 2012

    If President Waheed is allowed to complete this atrocious malice, Maldives will completely go under the influence of Taliban sympathisers. Waheeds Advisor Dr.Hassan Saieed, the interior minister Dr.Jameel and the whole 6 person council of Adalath party spent the better part of their youth lives in Pakistan Madrasaas.. each of them spent at least 7 years in Madrasaas getting free "education"... Today Maldives in on the edge of a very deep cliff. India may very soon see LtB camps in their doorstep...

  • Ahmed Wrote

    November 28, 2012

    well said, but still Indian government is not pushing harder.for one thing we've sure is, that GMR will stay on Maldives. And then government of India has assured it.we want India. We maldivians doesn't want Chinese influence in this region. And what mr. Ibrahim Husain saki has express truth about adhaalath party, they have connection to LeT. I can give you 100% guarantee for that. Even though one maldivian call a"Ghalib" once this guy was the body guard of zaki u Rahman of LeT. I can assure you. He has been shot once in his left or right side of the stomach. Please government of India we are begging to you to arrest these people. I'm here ready to provide what ever information you want about these few beard guys. Thanking and waiting for your call Ahmed hassa'an

  • faisal Wrote

    November 27, 2012

    grm shud stay

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