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Official Spokesperson's response to question on elections in Bangladesh

January 05, 2014

In response to the questions on elections in Bangladesh held on January 5, the Official Spokesperson stated:

"Elections in Bangladesh on 5th January were a constitutional requirement. They are a part of the internal and constitutional process of Bangladesh. It is for the people of Bangladesh to decide their own future and choose their representatives in a manner that responds to their aspirations. Violence cannot and should not determine the way forward. The democratic processes must be allowed to take their own course in Bangladesh.”

New Delhi
January 5, 2014

Click here for Bengali versionBengali.pdf[25KB]
Click here for Telugu versionTelugu.pdf[106 KB]
Click here for Malayalam versionMalayalam.pdf[83 KB]
Click here for Urdu versionUrdu.pdf[505 KB]
Click here for Assamese versionAssamese.pdf[59 KB]


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