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Translation of Press Statement by Prime Minister during Nepal Visit ( May 11, 2018 )

May 12, 2018

Your Excellency, Rt. Hon’ble Prime Minister,
Shri K P Sharma Oli Ji,
Distinguished guests,
Present here colleagues from the media,


Mister Prime Minister,
You very warmly welcomed me and for that I express my heartfelt gratitude to you.


Although I have had very old connection with Nepal, but this is my third visit to Nepal as the Prime Minister. This clearly reflects how deep mine and my government’s commitments are towards Nepal and India-Nepal relations. And whether I came as the Prime Minister, or as anordinary citizen, the people of Nepal have always accepted me, and welcomed me like a family member. For this kinship and the warm welcome and this respect, I express my heartfelt gratitude to the Prime Minister Mr. Oli Ji, to his Government, and to the people of Nepal. Similarly India's relations with Nepal are familial and friendly which stand on the strong foundations of mutual and deep relationships between its people, which are much above the relationship between the two governments.


My visit to Nepal is happening at a historic time when Nepal has successfully conducted elections at all the three levels i.e. federal, provincial and local levels. This period will be written in golden letters in the history of Nepal. To bring change, for economic and social progress and for nation building, the people of Nepal have expressed their trust in the leadership and vision of Prime Minister Oli Ji. I congratulate the people of Nepal for their decision to undertake theirdevelopment journey and nation-building exerciseunder federal and democratic framework. India supports the aspirations of all the Nepalese people for a united, prosperous and strong Nepal.The blessings of 1.25 billion Indians are with you in your efforts for inclusive growth and economic prosperity of Nepal.


Last month, we had the opportunity to welcome Prime Minister Oli Ji in India. We had a lot of discussion on our visions for the development of both the countries. It is my good fortune that today I stand with him here in the capital of Nepal. My journey provides a glimpse of India's vision for connectivity and friendship in the neighborhood.


Our vision of "Together with all, development for all" for India, and Oli Ji’s slogan of "Prosperous Nepal, happy Nepali" for Nepal is complementary to each other. Today, we once again reviewed all dimensions of the partnership between India and Nepal. About five weeks ago Prime Minister Oli Ji had come to India, at that time he mentioned many issues to me. I am happy that in such a short span of time, the teams from both the countries have worked together on all the issues and many of them have even been resolved also. In today's conversation I briefed Prime Minister Oli Ji about this progress in detail. We have introduced several innovative initiatives in agriculture, inland waterways and railways. This will increase mutual connectivity of people and businesses of both the countries. I consider our cooperation in inland waterways particularly important. Nepal should not be land-locked, but rather land-linked and water-linked, we are committed to provide every possible help and make all efforts to realize this vision of Prime Minister Oli Ji. Our Agriculture Ministers will meet soon and will work on preparing a roadmap for cooperation in agricultural research, agricultural education and agricultural development. The work of survey for new railway link between Raxaul and Kathmandu will start soon. And to further strengthen our relationship in trade and investment, soon we will be doing a comprehensive review of the Treaty of Trade. We are taking a new step in health cooperation. To treat cancer patients we will soon install Bhabhatron Radio-Therapy machine, developed in India,at Bhaktpur Cancer Hospital located in Kathmandu.


A new chapter is added today in our water resources and energy cooperation. Together with Prime Minister Oli Ji, today I had the privilege of laying the foundation for the 900 MW Arun-Three Electricity Project. With an investment of approximately 6000 crores rupees this is one of the largest projects in Nepal. Along with employment opportunities, this project will also create economic and commercial opportunities in Nepal. We are also moving forward our dialogues on our cooperation in Pancheshwar project and other projects in the areas hydropower, water resources and energy. We both also agree that connectivity is a very important factor for the development of our people. We have been connected through the Himalayan ranges and rivers etc. since eternity. And now we want to further strengthen our connectivity through roads, railways, power transmission lines, oil pipelines etc.


Our open border plays a special role in the strong relationship between India and Nepal. We will not allow the abuse of this open border by any undesirable element. Prime Minister Oli Ji and I are also committed to strengthening our bilateral defense and security cooperation. Along with the open border,another feature of our relationship is our deep spiritual connection. When I came to Nepal in 2014, I got the opportunity to take the blessings of Lord Pashupatinath. This morning I had the good fortune of seeing Mother Sita in Janki Temple. And I hope that tomorrow morning I will have the good fortune to pray in the courtyards of Muktinath and Pashupatinathji. Every year millions of Indian devotees like me come to Nepal. And therefore today I and Prime Minister Oli Ji also discussed about the joint development of Ramayana and Buddhist circuits to promote tourism between India and Nepal. At the same time we have also taken concrete steps.


With the decisions that were taken during our discussions in Delhi last month and today here in Kathmandu, we have given a new momentum, a new energy to India-Nepal relations. Today, when I think about the future of Indo-Nepal relations, I have very optimistic vision. With this hope, faith, trust and mutual sense of friendship, I once again express heartfelt gratitude to the Prime Minister Oli Ji, to his government and to the people of Nepal.

Indo-Nepal Friendship

Amar Rahos.
Thank you.

(Disclaimer: PM’s Speech was delivered in Hindi. This is an approximate translation of Speech)


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