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Ninth Meeting of the India-China Expert Group

June 29, 2001

  • The Ninth Meeting of the India-China Expert Group of Diplomatic and Military Officials was held in New Delhi on 28th June 2001.
  • The meeting was held in a friendly and constructive atmosphere. Views were exchanged on the maps depicting the Line of Actual Control, as perceived by the two sides respectively, in the Middle Sector of the India-China boundary. It may be called that these maps were exchanged in Beijing in November 2000 at the English meeting of the EG.
  • Both sides reaffirmed their intention to proceed with the process of confirmation and clarification of the LAC on the basis of the Agreement on the India-China Border Areas, signed in 1993.
  • Views were also exchanged on other bilateral matters of interest.
  • The next (Tenth) meeting of the Expert Group will be held in Beijing later this year. The process of clarifying the LAC will continue at that meeting.

New Delhi

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