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Press Release on Shri Sarabjit Singh

April 29, 2013

Based on the most recent medical bulletin put out by Doctors treating Shri Sarabjit Singh it is clear that his condition remains critical. We share the anguish and concern of his family members, and our prayers will remain with them.

In view of the recent tragic events and present circumstances, we once again appeal to the Government of Pakistan to take a sympathetic and humanitarian view of this case, and release Sarabjit Singh. Officials of the Indian High Commission are in touch with the medical authorities at Jinnah Hospital Lahore and we would like to consider the option of transferring Shri Sarabjit Singh to India so that he can benefit from the best medical treatment available here.

We also reiterate our demand that the attack on Sarabjit Singh be thoroughly investigated to identify those who were responsible and to ensure that they are punished. It is the responsibility of the Government of Pakistan to ensure the safety and security of all Indian prisoners in their custody.

New Delhi
April 29, 2013


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