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Situation in Rakhine State of Myanmar

September 09, 2017

India remains deeply concerned about the situation in Rakhine State in Myanmar and the outflow of refugees from that region.

We had earlier strongly condemned the terrorist attacks on Myanmar security forces in Rakhine State.The two countries have since affirmed their shared determination to combat terrorism and not allow its justification under any pretext.

During Prime Minister's recent visit to Myanmar, he had expressed his concern at the casualties of security forces as well as other innocent lives. He had also urged a solution based on respect for peace , communal harmony, justice, dignity and democratic values.

It was agreed during the Prime Minister's visit that India would provide assistance under the Rakhine State Development Programme in conjunction with the Government of Myanmar.

We would urge that the situation in Rakhine State be handled with restraint and maturity, focussing on the welfare of the civilian population alongside those of the security forces. It is imperative that violence is ended and normalcy in the State restored expeditiously.

New Delhi
September 09, 2017

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