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1st IBSA Sherpas’ / Sous Sherpas’ Meeting

April 03, 2018

  • The 1st IBSA (India, Brazil & South Africa) Sherpas’ / Sous Sherpas’ Meeting, following the 8th IBSA Trilateral Ministerial Meeting, was held in Chennai from April 1-3, 2018.
  • Secretary (Economic Relations) in Ministry of External Affairs, Shri T.S. Tirumurti led the Indian delegation. Prof. Anil Sooklal, Sherpa of the Republic of South Africa, and Mr. Kenneth Nobrega, Alternate Sherpa of the Federative Republic of Brazil led respective delegations at the Meeting.
  • Welcoming the commemoration of IBSA’s 15th Anniversary, in 2018-19, the Sherpas agreed to organize focused and substantive events to celebrate this occasion in a fitting manner.
  • IBSA Sherpas expressed their determination to take forward the observations and decisions taken by the IBSA Ministers last year in Durban to give an added fillip to IBSA activities.
  • In particular, IBSA Sherpas reiterated their appreciation for the work done by the IBSA Fund on Poverty and Hunger Alleviation that is spread over 27 projects in 15 countries.
  • They also commended the ongoing IBSA Fellowship Programme at the Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS), launched at India’s initiative in 2017. The Fellows of the three countries were invited to the Sherpas’/ Sous Sherpas’ Meeting. IBSA Sherpas commended their special presentation on the Fellowship Programme and on their experience and research work.
  • Views were exchanged on organization of IBSA activities during the year and on consolidation of IBSA Working Groups. The IBSA Calendar of Events for the coming year was also discussed.
  • Implementation of meaningful and impactful projects under respective cooperation streams was also emphasized.
  • It was agreed to implement plans to enhance IBSA’s brand visibility.
  • IBSA cooperation on Sustainable Development Goals, Reform of Global Governance, Blue Economy, IBSA Defence Cooperation, Tourism and Cultural cooperation, UN Security Council reforms, cooperation at UN and other multilateral fora were also discussed. They welcomed the special presentation made on South-South Cooperation as well as on IBSA in the UN.
  • Representatives of Ministry of Tourism, RIS, Forum for Indian Development Cooperation (FIDC), and Blue Economy Forum participated in the meeting and shared their views on strengthening IBSA cooperation.
April 03, 2018

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