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Joint Statement, India-Pakistan Expert-Level Talks on Nuclear CBMs

June 20, 2004

In accordance with the agreement between the Foreign Secretaries of India and Pakistan in February 2004, Expert Level talks on Nuclear Confidence Building Measures were held in New Delhi from 19-20 June 2004. Dr. Sheel Kant Sharma, Additional Secretary (IO), headed the Indian delegation and Mr. Tariq Osman Hyder, Additional Secretary ) led the Pakistan side. The visiting Pakistani delegation also called on the External Affairs Minister Shri K. Natwar Singh, the National Security Advisor Shri JN Dixit and the Foreign Secretary Shri Shashank.

The talks were held in a cordial and constructive atmosphere.

Both sides:

Consciousof the need to promote a stable environment of peace and security between the two countries,

Recognizingthat the nuclear capabilities of each other, which are based on their national security imperatives, constitute a factor for stability,

Committedto national measures to reduce the risks of accidental or unauthorized use of nuclear weapons under their respective controls and to adopt bilateral notification measures and mechanisms to prevent misunderstandings and misinterpretations,

Consciousof their obligation to their peoples and the international community,

Committedto work towards strategic stability,

Agreed on the following:

- The existing hotline between the DGMOs would be upgraded, dedicated and secured.

- A dedicated and secure hotline would be established between the two Foreign Secretaries, through their respective Foreign Offices to prevent misunderstandings and reduce risks relevant to nuclear issues.

- Both countries will work towards concluding an Agreement with technical parameters on pre-notification of flight testing of missiles, a draft of which was handed over by the Indian side.

- Each side reaffirmed its unilateral moratorium on conducting further nuclear test explosions unless, in exercise of national sovereignty, it decides that extraordinary events have jeopardized its supreme interests.

- Both countries would continue bilateral discussions and hold further meetings to work towards the implementation of the Lahore MoU of 1999.

- Both countries will continue to engage in bilateral consultations on security and non-proliferation issues within the context of negotiations on these issues in multilateral fora.

- Both countries called for regular working level meetings to be held among all the nuclear powers to discuss issues of common concern.

Both sides agreed to report the progress of the talks to the respective Foreign Secretaries who would meet on 27-28 June 2004.

New Delhi


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