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Translation of Prime Minister’s Press Statement during the visit of Crown Prince of Saudi Arab (February 20, 2019)

February 21, 2019

Your Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud,
Marhaba Bikum Fil Hind,


I am very happy to welcome Royal Highness and his delegation on their first state visit to India. The economic, social and cultural relations of India and Saudi Arabia are centuries old. And they have always been cordial and friendly. The close and intense contact between our people is a living bridge for our countries. Your Majesty's, and Royal Highness, your personal interest and guidance have brought more intensity, depth and strength in our bilateral relations. The personal interest and the guidance of His Majesty and yourself Royal Highness, has brought more intensity, depth and strength in our bilateral relations. Today, in the 21st century, Saudi Arabia is among India's most valuable strategic partners. It is in our extended neighborhood, is a close friend and is also an important source of energy security of India. During my visit to Saudi Arabia in 2016, we had given many new dimensions to our relations, especially in the areas of energy and security. As a result of the meeting with you in Argentina two months ago, the essence of our strategic partnership has taken new dimensions in the areas of security, trade and investment. I am happy that according to your suggested outline, we have agreed to establish the Biennial Summit and Strategic Partnership Council. These will benefit our relations by providing them with strength, speed and progress.


Today, we have made extensive and meaningful discussions on all the topics of bilateral relations. We have decided to take our economic cooperation to newer heights. We have agreed to establish a framework to facilitate institutional investment from Saudi Arabia into our economy. I welcome the investment of Saudi Arabia in India's infrastructure.

Your Royal Highness,

Your 'Vision 2030' and the economic reforms being carried out under your leadership are complementary to India's flagship programs such as 'Make in India', 'Start-Up India'. It's time to turn our energy relations into a strategic partnership. Saudi Arabia's involvement in the world's largest refinery and strategic petroleum reserves takes our energy relations far beyond the typical buyer-seller relationship. We have agreed to strengthen our cooperation in the areas of renewable energy. We welcome Saudi Arabia in the International Solar Alliance. The peaceful use of atomic energy, especially for water desalination and health, will be another dimension of our cooperation. Especially in the context of our strategic environment, we have also successfully discussed the strengthening and expanding of mutual defense cooperation. Last year, India was the 'Guest of Honor' at the prestigious Janradriyah festival in Saudi Arabia. Today we have set the goal of strengthening our cultural ties. To increase trade and tourism facility of e-Visa is being extended for the citizens of Saudi Arabia. We are grateful to His Majesty and Royal Highness for increasing the Haj quota for Indians. Peaceful and useful presence of 2.7 million Indian nationals in Saudi Arabia is an important link between us. Royal Highness has praised their positive contribution in the progress of Saudi Arabia. You have always taken care of their well-being. For this their gratitude and blessings are always with you.


The brutal terrorist attack in Pulwama last week is another cruel reminder of the threat to humanity that has caused havoc on the world. In order to deal effectively with this threat, we agree that there is a need to increase all possible pressure on countries supporting any type of terrorism. Destroying the infrastructure of terrorism and ending its support and punishing terrorists and their supporters is very important. At the same time, cooperation against extremism and along with that there is a strong need of an action plan for this, so that the forces of violence and terror cannot mislead our youth. I am glad that Saudi Arabia and India have shared views about this.


Both our two countries have shared interests in ensuring peace and stability in West Asia and the Gulf. In our talks today, it has been agreed to co-ordinate our work and to speed up our participation in this area. We have also agreed that stronger bilateral cooperation in areas such as counter terrorism, maritime security and cyber security will be beneficial for both the countries.

Your Royal Highness,

Your journey has given a new dimension to the rapid development of our relationships. I once again thank the Royal Highness for accepting our invitation. I also wish him and all the members of the delegation to have a pleasant stay in India.

Thanks a lot.

Disclaimer: PM’s speech was delivered in Hindi. This is an approximate translation of Speech.

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