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Press Statement by External Affairs Minister after meeting with Polish Foreign Minister

August 29, 2019

​I am happy to be here in Warsaw today, visiting a country that I have known well previously as a diplomat. This is a democratic nation with a great history and culture, and now with a vibrant economy as well. My presence as a Minister of the Indian Government so soon after our elections, underlines the priority that we assign to the relationship.

India and Poland have a time tested relationship that spans broad areas of cooperation. Our shared history is visible as much in historical and cultural expressions as in economic projects. Today, this relationship has a context and importance beyond its bilateral dimension. We value Poland as a large and important country in Europe, as a key member of the European Union and as a pillar of the Visegrad-4. It is currently a member of the UN Security Council which is in itself a recognition of its stature. My discussions in Warsaw reflected this larger role of Poland in the world today.

Last evening, I had the privilege of meeting Prime Minister Mr. Mateusz Morawiecki and discussing important political and economic issues. We exchanged views on a number of regional and global matters, especially in the context of Poland’s Security Council membership. We also agreed to enhance our trade and investment cooperation, backed by strong political will on both sides. We discussed synergies between our two steadily growing economies in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, digitization, space and agro-processing sectors among others.

Today, I met Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Gliński and explored creative suggestions to intensify our cultural cooperation. I am happy to note that Polish national carrier LOT is starting direct flights from Warsaw to New Delhi and that Deputy Prime Minister himself would be leading the Polish delegation on the inaugural flight. The direct flights will go a long way in expanding our business and tourism linkages, thus, bringing the two peoples closer.

I had detailed discussions with Foreign Minister Mr. Jacek Czaputowicz on many subjects of bilateral, regional and multilateral importance to our countries. As two democratic polities facing turbulent world, it is important that we stand together in facing global challenges. Displaying resolute posture to confront the menace of terrorism is among the key priorities today. I was greatly encouraged by the understanding that I received here in regard to India’s core concerns. We also felt that our ties held a vast untapped potential in the economic sphere and discussed means to expand activities in that domain.

​We agreed to further strengthen our collaboration on global issues and cooperate more closely in multilateral organisations. We have concurring views on the need of urgent reforms of international organizations, especially the UN, to reflect the current realties.

It is my expectation that this visit would raise the level of energy and activity in the relationship and lead to other high level exchanges in the near future. I look forward to welcoming my Polish counterpart in India soon. I would like thank him for the generous hospitality and the warm welcome that I have received here.

August 29, 2019

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