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Remarks by Shri V. Muraleedharan, Minister of State for External Affairs & Parliamentary Affairs at the Valedictory Session of the 4th Global Ayurveda Festival

March 19, 2021

Shri Shripad Yesso Naik, Minister of State for Defence,
Dr G.G. Gangadharan, President, CISSA & Secretary General, Global Ayurveda Festival,
Dr Madhavan Kutty Varrier, Chairman, GAF
Dr Jayan Damodaran, Scientific Committee Convenor, GAF
Shri Subhrakant Panda, Vice President, FICCI
Dr Suresh,
Other representatives of Partner Organisations,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Namaskaram and good evening!

I am extremely happy to join to you all again.

2. It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that I note the successful conclusion of Global Ayurveda Festival 2021.

3. During the last eight days of the festival, we saw over 60 plenary speakers including 35 International experts and nearly 6,000 delegates representing 30 countries sharing their works and innovative ideas to spread the wings of Ayurveda further.

4. I believe the festival in a way, apart from promoting Ayurveda, helped evolve a roadmap for further development of Ayurveda and allied industries. The participation of foreign delegates had certainly took the Festival to the global stage.

5. The Festival has become an epitome of Nishkaama Karma or a non-partisan initiative for popularisation of Ayurveda for global well-being.


6. On the day of inauguration of the Global Ayurveda Festival, we heard our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji giving his full support to the world of Ayurveda. I would particularly like to recall his message that there is a growing consciousness, particularly among youth, to integrate Ayurveda with evidence based medical sciences. Reseachers and Academicians should utilise the opportunity and put in more energy to work on this aspect further. The government will be there to provide guidance and support to make that happen.


As Chairman of the organising committee, I am happy to read out the declaration of the 4th Global Ayurveda Festival. The declaration derives inspiration from the Inaugural speech of Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji, who has given a road map for the development of Ayurveda.


The organizers, resource persons and the participants of Global Ayurveda Festival 2021, conducted on a virtual platform, are:

Inspired by the inaugural speech of honorable PM, made on 12th March 2021,

Convinced about the healing potential of Ayurveda that is both classical and contemporaneous in presentation, rededicate ourselves to work with passion and perseverance for the entire humanity to promote Ayurveda:

• as a science linked to nature and environment
• as a holistic human science, with effective components to manage various woes of life and
• as a curative and preventive medical system

Aware of the role Ayurveda could play in meeting health care needs of the global community;will create a roadmap to popularize Ayurveda globally

• by promoting Wellness Tourism as an Indian specialty

Committed to make India the world leader of integrative medicine with the rich medical heritage ready to adapt to newer situations and to take up any challenges;

• by exploring possibilities and application of integrative medicine
• by enabling evidence based practices
• by deepening research

Focused in making Ayurveda playing a major role in nation building and also contributing to meet the developmental goals of the global community;

• by planning and conducting a Global Summit on Wellness with prime focus on Ayurveda, especially on Ayurveda and Aahaara.

Acknowledging the encouragement, support and participation of governmental, non-governmental and institutional supports available for the cause;

• by implementing quality standards for products and services
• by educating and mobilizing youth to live an Ayurveda way of life
• by providing cost effective Ayurveda therapeutic interventions
• by strengthening Ayurveda education sector

Pledging a period ahead to actualize the potentials Ayurveda has, in it as philosophy and medicine, for the world.
• by addressing sustainability issues

As an outcome of the deliberations and the common ground found by the learned resource persons, we hereby declare:

1. To create health literacy in Ayurveda and make it available as a patient centred medical system;

2. To initiate and engage in dialogues across sciences, cultures and borders in the process of contemporising and globalizing Ayurveda;

3. To work towards consolidation, expansion, preservation and exchange of Ayurveda knowledge;

4. To establish a realistic and mutually contributing sastra-science interface;

5. To engage transdisciplinary medical experts to collaborate, integrate and thus optimize health care delivery;

6. To establish and project Ayurveda driven health care system as a model to the world;

7. To train and promote the effective use of Ayurveda tenets, medicines and therapies to better mental and physical health, especially in strengthening the immune response;

8. To constantly engage in deliberations with the policy makers and think tanks to create structure and guideline for globalization of Ayurveda and to explore formal dialogue pathways with foreign governments and bodies for the same; and

9. To help, guide and encourage sustainable use of medicinal plants and biodiversity conservation.


7. With the success of the 4th edition, I am confident that the 5th Global Ayurveda Festival would further grow in stature and contribute to further popularisation of Ayurveda.

8. I take this opportunity to congratulate all the Office bearers of Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA) and partners of the Festival, who made this Festival a grand success.

Let us fly our Ayurveda Flag high!

Thank you!

New Delhi
March 19, 2021

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