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Opening Remarks by External Affairs Minister at the delegation level talks with Secretary of State of the United States of America

July 28, 2021

Secretary Blinken,

It is a great pleasure to welcome you back, this time on your first visit to India and that the visit would be a very productive one and that the quality of our discussions will fully reflect the strengths of our relationship.

​Our bilateral cooperation has vastly expanded in the last few years. They, today, cover virtually all domains of contemporary relevance. Our interests are shared, our concerns are similar and our convergences are strong. Talks today will provide an updated direction to our colleagues to translate these into practical outcomes.

​Responding to the Covid pandemic has added new facets to our growing cooperation in an increasingly multi-polar world. Peace and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific is as important for both of us as democratic stability in Afghanistan. Deepening the Quad as a collaborative platform is in our mutual interest. And we must work together even more closely on key contemporary challenges like terrorism, climate change, pandemics and resilient supply chains.

In democratic societies, it is also natural that legitimate concerns and people’s aspirations will find expression, including in foreign policy. Our conversations on global issues in a rebalancing world would surely be richer from real exchanges of national experiences and historical perspectives.

​Once again, let me say how good it is to see you here. I invite you to make your opening remarks.

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