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English translation of Prime Minister’s opening statement at the Working session 9 of the G7 Summit

May 21, 2023

Working Session 9: Toward a Peaceful, Stable and Prosperous World


We heard President Zelenskyy today. I also met him yesterday.I do not consider the current situation as an issue of politics or economy.I believe that this is a matter of humanity, a matter of human values.From the very beginning, we have maintained that dialogue and diplomacy is the only way.And we will make every possible effort to contribute, in whatever way India can, for resolving this situation.


Global peace, stability, and prosperity is our common objective.In today's inter-connected world, crises in any one region affect all the countries.And, the developing countries, which have limited resources, are the worst affected.In the current global situation, these countries are facing the maximum and most profound impact of the food, fuel, and fertilizer crisis.


It raises the question as to why we are facing the need to discuss matters of peace and stability in distinct forums.The United Nations (UN), which was established with the very purpose of establishing peace, why does it often fail to prevent conflicts today?Why, even the definition of terrorism has not been accepted in the UN yet?If introspection is done, then one thing is clear.The institutions created in the last century are not in line with the system of the twenty-first century. They do not reflect the realities of the present.That is why it is necessary that reforms should be given concrete shape in big institutions like UN.It will also have to become the voice of the Global South. Otherwise we will just keep talking about ending conflict. UN and Security Council will become just a talk shop.


It is necessary that all countries respect the UN Charter, International Law and sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries.Raise your voice together against unilateral attempts to change the status quo.India has always been of the opinion that any tension, any dispute should be resolved through peaceful means, through dialogue.And if there is a solution from the law, then it should be accepted.And it was in this spirit, that India resolved its land and maritime boundary dispute with Bangladesh.


In India, and here in Japan too, Lord Buddha has been followed for thousands of years.There is no such problem in the modern age, whose solution we cannot find in the teachings of the Buddha.Buddha had given the solution centuries ago to the war, unrest, and instability that the world is facing today.

Lord Buddha has said:

नहि वेरेन् वेरानी,
सम्मन तीध उदासन्,
अवेरेन च सम्मन्ति,
एस धम्मो सन्नतन।

That is, enmity does not calm enmity. Enmity is pacified by affinity.

It is in this spirit, we should move forward together with everyone.

Thank you.

DISCLAIMER - This is the approximate translation of Prime Minister's remarks. Original remarks were delivered in Hindi.
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