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List of MOUs / Agreements / Initiatives launched during the visit of the Prime Minister of Netherlands to India

May 24, 2018

India and the Netherlands announced a wide range of MoUs/Agreements and Initiatives across different sectors:

  • Government to government
  • Knowledge institutions
  • Water
  • Agrifood and horticulture
  • Hi-tech/IT/Space
  • Life Sciences & Health
  • Smart Cities
  • Business
  • Sustainability


  • The Netherlands signed the Framework Agreement of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) and became the 64th signatory member country. The ISA is conceived as a coalition of solar resource rich countries to address their special energy needs and will provide a platform to collaborate on addressing the identified gaps through a common, agreed approach. The Netherlands expressed its commitment to the continued advocacy of ISAs aims and objectives.
  • The Government of the Netherlands has signed a MoU with the Government of Haryana, India, to support the state with the diversification of the agricultural sector, with a focus on horticultural crops.
  • India welcomed the Netherlands as the Partner Country for the Tech-Summit in 2019

    Knowledge institutions:

  • The Clingendael Institute, the independent think tank and diplomatic academy of the Netherlands and the Foreign Institute Service of India under the Ministry of External Affairs agreed on collaboration for diplomatic training.
  • A formal announcement was made that the Science and Engineering Research Board and Maastricht University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, University of Groningen, Technical University of Delft and the VU University Amsterdam, will intensify collaborations between the Netherlands and India in education. Their planned partnership agreement will greatly enhance possibilities for Indian students to spend a considerable amount of time at the mentioned Universities.


  • Arcadis, a Dutch global design, engineering and management consulting company, and Tata Consulting Engineers signed a MoU to strengthen their collaboration on a variety of water management and ports & waterways related projects. The MoU reflects the basic terms and conditions under which companies shall collaborate for the submission of proposals for the awarding of projects in selected geographical areas and on selected business themes.
  • Imotec Projects, a Dutch company which operates in the maritime and offshore market, and Reliance Naval & Engineering Ltd., signed a MoU to make dredgers in India. The cooperation will involve building dredgers for the local market and for specific applications. Reliance will build the dredgers on their shipyard and Imotec Projects will deliver dredging technology/equipment.
  • A MoU was signed between KPMG India, the Dutch non-profit WASTE and the Lucknow-based non-profit FINISH (Financial Inclusion improves Sanitation and Health) Society to establish the Sanitation Impact Bond. Other involved parties are Cashpor Micro Credit, which provides microfinance to below poverty line women in UP and Bihar, and ESAF, one of the new age social banks in India started in 2017. The Bond will help make additional funds available for further scaling of the program to address the sanitation challenge.
  • Dutch non-profits – WASTE, and Aqua for All along with air ambulance service provider in Africa - Amref Flying Doctors, signed a MoU to scale up the FINISH model, whose ultimate objective is to make safe sanitation and improved health a reality for all by 2030, thereby contributing to Sustainable Development Goals #3, #6 and #17.

    Agrifood and horticulture:

  • Building upon ongoing successful strategic collaboration, a contract was signed between the Dutch biotech company - KeyGene, and DCM Shriram Bioseed, to launch a new initiative called ‘Ricebooster’, to develop superior high quality hybrid rice for the Indian and South Asian market.
  • A Letter of Intent was signed between KeyGene and India’s Crystal Crop Protection Group to embark on a multi-year strategic collaboration to strengthen the Crystal Groups seed business with research based input and product development.
  • KeyGene and ICRISAT signed a Letter of Intent to strengthen the improvement of research in legume crops and enabling complex trait improvement trajectory.
  • To add value and bring innovation in seed research to the Indian seed business, KeyGene announced that it will open its Regional Office in Hyderabad.
  • A contract was signed between the Dutch food processing equipment manufacturer Kiremko and Gujarat-based Hyfun Frozen Foods, for the supply of potato processing equipment with new modern technology.
  • To improve the average yield and quality of milk produced by smallholder farmers and increase their income level, a tripartite MoU was signed between Dutch companies Larive International and Trouw Nutrition with the Baramati Agricultural Development Trust. The companies are looking to set up a joint multi-year program for the Indian dairy sector.
  • To establish a "fair factory” for the production of Plant Based Protein products for local market and export to the Middle East, a tripartite MoU was signed between the Dutch companies Schouten Europe (a compay that produces meat substitutes based on vegetable proteins), Incluvest (an impact investment company that contributes to the sustainable improvement of living conditions in developing countries) and India’s LT Foods.
  • Wageningen Environmental Research signed a contract with Hyderabad-based Agrirain and the Swiss Syngenta Foundation for the commitment to execute the "Adaptive Irrigation Model for Small Farmers” project in India. This new irrigation model will help dry land farmers save their crops from dry spells.
  • Two’s MoU between Wageningen Food & Biobased Research were signed: one for product development and innovation in rice, and one for (hand) device sensing diagnostic technologies in rice.
  • A contract was signed between De Heus Animal Nutrition and Shandilya Plast Pvt Ltd, which will enable farmers to have access to high quality feed and will receive training and support from Dutch nutritional experts.
  • Rabobank India signed a loan agreement with De Heus India, which will enable the latter to set up its India operations. De Heus plans to become a leading company in the Indian animal nutrition industry. The funding will allow them to introduce high quality feed products that will help Indian farmers improve the quality of products they produce.
  • A partnership was signed between the members of the Dutch Dairy Cluster (De Heus,Trouw, Lekkerkerker Dairy & Food Equipment, Alta Genetics and MS Schippers), to meet the increasing demand of thriving Indian middle-class for high-quality and reliable dairy products. The Dutch Dairy Cluster India is a strategic partnership between Dutch companies, knowledge institutions and the Dutch government.


  • India’s first cyber security cluster is collaborating with Europe’s biggest security delta, with the Program of Cooperation under the MoU that was signed between The Hague Security Delta and Hyderabad Security Cluster.

    Life Sciences & Health:

  • Dutch Watchyourmeds (specializes in providing information about essential medicines and related diseases through animated videos) signed an agreement with the Bengaluru-based Rx Digi Health Platform to distribute medical toolboxes to ASHA’s (community health workers). Watchyourmeds will be added to these toolboxes, to provide easy to understand medical literature to people in rural India.
  • A contract was signed between the Delft University of Technology and the School of International Biodesign and India’s Brun Health (enables the adoption of best practices in labor management for all tiers of healthcare). The agreement concerns a project in which rules for working together, IP, confidentiality and publications will be clearly established.
  • For the development of large-scale manufacturing process of a novel, promising and affordable vaccine adjuvant, an MoU has been signed between LiteVax and Pune-based Gennova Biopharmaceuticals. Such collaboration includes the exchange of proprietary know-how developed by either party, followed by open and detailed discussion on a development plan, a technical agreement describing rights and obligations of each party and execution of the plan.
  • Litevax also signed an MoU with Indian Immunologicals and with Bharat Biotech International to collaborate on the evaluation of the potentials of LiteVax adjuvant in combination with existing vaccines and vaccines under development.
  • Serum Institute of India, the Translational Institute Health Science and Technology (an autonomous institute of the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology) and Intravacc from the Netherlands Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports, will jointly develop a novel delivery system for vaccines (Measles/Rubella): Bioneedles. The Bioneedle, a tiny biodegradable mini implant, is a unique approach with ground breaking potential to transform vaccination campaigns, especially in the low and middle income countries.
  • A MoU was signed between the Dutch Nutrilab and Ahmedabad’s Biocare Research to set up a joint venture private laboratory in the food industry.
  • With signing a MoU, Dutch multinational Philips and Artemis Hospitals will form a joint venture on cardiac and critical care services.
  • A partner agreement was signed for the role out of integrated mobile telemedicine services across India between swyMed and Wipro Technologies.
  • The ALL India Football Federation signed a MoU with the Dutch KNVB, the Royal Dutch Football Association, on collaboration with focus on youth teams, women/girls and community coaches.
  • Elsevier, a Dutch information analytics company, signed a MoU with Columbia Asia Hospitals and Manipal Health Enterprises, to explore opportunities for using technology solutions to improve access to quality clinical care, by empowering clinics with Evidence Based Medicine, thereby preventing adverse events, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

    Smart Cities:

  • The Dutch Antea Group and Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd., have signed a MoU to bid for the Pune Municipal Corporation projects related to Smart Cities in India.
  • A MoU was signed between Dr. Ten (a company that specializes in product and process innovation within the sport, food, energy and chemical sectors) and Idiom, to cooperate in the area of sea salt battery activities.
  • To facilitate its global expansion and access the European Market in the field of sustainability, India’s GE3S or Global Energy and Environmental Engineering Services Ltd., has found a local partner in the Netherlands INCO Business Group. They signed a company incorporation and business development agreement. The deal involves the establishment of a subsidiary in the Netherlands, and an ongoing business development contract to find opportunities to develop and/or audit Smart Cities/sustainability of buildings.
  • A letter of intent was signed between the World Bank and the Dutch Institute for Future of Living on smart cities collaboration. The collaboration includes innovative financing and dissemination of vision and roadmaps along with action plans and resources solution as well as lessons learned.


  • A MoU has been signed between INCO Business Group and SK Patodia & Associates, to enable market entry of Indian companies into the European/Dutch market, as well as facilitate market entry by EU companies into India. INCO Business Group will act as SK Patodia’s partners to facilitate Indian companies to expand to the European market. INCO will provide incorporation programs, and provide infrastructure to Indian clients to easily start a business in the Netherlands.
  • A contract has been signed between INCO Business Group and The Indian Lawyers Network in India. With the help of the Lawyers Network, INCO will be able to target startups and scale-ups to promote global expansion and market entry in the EU.
  • A confirmation letter for starting up a EU headquarter office in Rotterdam was signed between Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and Cogoport (an Indian Freight handling company). The objective of this understanding is to boost trade flows between India and Europe through ports at Rotterdam and Schiphol, positioning the Netherlands as India’s gateway to Europe.
  • With the signing of a MoU, a business partnership between NXCP Semiconductors Netherlands and Tata Consultancy Services in automotive, internet and security was established.
  • With the signing of a MoU, a business partnership between NCP Semiconductors Netherlands and Tata Consultancy Services in automotive, internet and security was established.
  • Loan Agreement was signed between Dutch Rabobank and Manlift Private India Ltd. With this agreement Rabobank supports Dutch company - Riwal in expanding their business in India, where their Indian subsidiary Manlift Private India already has a leading position in rental of aerial work platforms, telehandlers and power equipment.
  • Dutch companies GKN Sinter Metals and Fokker Elmo have announced plans that they are starting a new wiring factory in Pune. The India state government supports this development and will help GKN Fokker, an industry-leader in aerostructures, electrical wiring systems, landing gear and services to make this investment successful.
  • Sonalika, an Indian tractor company, and Innostrat, a company that designs learning solutions, have signed an expression of interest with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) for setting up a subsidiary company and a M&S Sand Service Centre in the Netherlands.
  • A startup collaboration has been established between India and the Netherlands, in the form of a Letter of Intent between The Hague and Intellecap (Bangalore-based firm that provides innovative business solutions that help build and scale profitable and sustainable enterprises dedicated to social and environmental change).
  • To enable Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, to send undergraduate and master students to Indian education institution as part of their training, Erasmus MC has signed a MoU with RCB, NII, Trivandrum and NCBS.
  • The Netherlands India Chamber of Commerce and Trade (NICCT and PHD Chamber of Commerce signed a MoU to work together on matchmaking in infrastructure/water and agrifood.
  • CII and the Netherlands Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers VNO-NCW signed an extension of their MoU on joint collaboration


  • A license agreement was signed between the Netherlands-based Nettenergy (that specializes in installations that produce renewable energy and materials on the basis of plant biomass) and Shrike Energy (bio-diesel manufacturers in India), to introduce an innovative Dutch technology to the Indian market to improve the utilization of its biomass in the areas of green electricity, bio-chemicals and bio-fuels.
  • Aimed at reducing the negative environmental, health, and social impacts of burning agri-waste in the field while generating sustainable business and local rural livelihood, a MoU was signed between the Biosfera Foundation, a Dutch organization that specializes in Smart Ecosystem Engineering and TERI, India’s not-for-profit policy research organization with working fields of energy, environment and sustainability. Signed parties commit expertise and capacity to engage with the project portfolio in a practicable and economically viable manner.
  • FMO, the Netherlands Development Finance Company, signed a MoU with Azure Rooftop (GENCO) Pvt. Ltd for financing its solar rooftop portfolio.
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