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Transcript of media interaction by External Affairs Minister and Chinese Foreign Minister in Brunei Darussalam

July 02, 2013

Chinese Foreign Minister (Mr. Wang Yi): We had a very cordial discussion like between good friends and brothers. If you take a look at how close the two of us are, you can see how close the relationship between our two countries is.

The most important thing that we agreed upon is to constantly push forward China-India relationship. Premier Li Kechiang just visited India, and we look forward to receiving Prime Minister Singh in China later this year. We believe that these two visits are like sowing the seed in spring and reaping the fruits in autumn, and this is our common goal which we believe serves the interests of both peoples.

We believe our two countries are natural strategic partners and we should engage in all-round cooperation in a wide range of areas. We are two big countries and we have the important responsibility; we believe that we shoulder this common responsibility to regional and global peace and stability.

External Affairs Minister of India (Shri Salman Khurshid): Thank you very much. As you can see, Asia’s future lies here, together.

Between India and China we have reviewed the work that has to be done, that has already been done since Premier Li’s visit. And amongst the various things that we are going to do is several consultations on the region in the areas that we are interested in.

Our Defence Minister will be in China in two days’ time and we will take our defence cooperation to a higher level. And most important of all for you, we are looking at ways and means of getting the Chinese media and Indian media together.

Question: I have a question to the Chinese Foreign Minister. Sir, did you touch upon the border issue, the border dispute which we have; and do you think they have made any progress in the Sixteenth Round of talks between the SRs?

Chinese Foreign Minister: As you said, the Sixteenth Round of the Special Representatives consultation was just held in Beijing. As far as I know, it was a very successful round of discussion and good progress was made.

External Affairs Minister: And I have the same information that good progress was made.

Thank you very much.

Chinese Foreign Minister: Thank you.



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