Initiative for Strengthening Bamboo Value Chain in the North East

March 19, 2022

1. Bamboo is an important natural resource and an inalienable part of the cultural heritage for both India and Japan, supporting the livelihood of their people and various industries. Hence, it would be useful for relevant stakeholders of India and Japan to collaborate for strengthening the bamboo value chain in a hub and spoke model. The economic development of the North East Region of India is envisaged through identification of market / industry and thereafter product-planning, production, logistics, with appropriate marrying of traditional skills and innovation in design and branding.

2. Priority Themes

i. Design, product development and branding

a) Promote innovation in design, finishing and branding in line with domestic as well as global markets, and adopt technologies required for improving design and better marketing.

b) Promote research and technical cooperation for product development and backward linkages for sustainable management of appropriate raw material

c) Promote design cooperation for producing bamboo products of the North East Region of India based on needs as well as marketing and branding.

d) Develop a structured training program/curriculum for bamboo studies.

ii. Skill development and hand holding of artisans

a) Develop skills of artisans drawing from indigenous ingenuity and designers for development of high quality bamboo products

b) Introduce improved tools, treatment processes, and technologies for improving returns with a connect to markets

3. Supplemental works

i. Aggregation, value addition and logistics for establishing value and supply chain between markets and farmers (For domestic and overseas)

ii. Sustainable resource management for availability of required resources.

iii. Entrepreneurship development within the skill development and training of communities

iv. Development of other bamboo uses such as foods and food contact articles, charcoal, activated carbon and other products based on demands.

4. Way forward

In order to materialize the above cooperation, following activities and methods will be pursued on immediate basis, working with the National Bamboo Mission, State Governments and other institutions as appropriate in a synergetic manner.

i. Exchange of bamboo experts between India and Japan, such as those done through web conferences organized by the National Bamboo Mission and Embassy of India and Japan in 2021.

ii. Workshops and design clinics for students, artisans and entrepreneurs, such as workshops held in 2018 and 2019 by JICA.

iii. JICA cooperation and other assistance including scoping studies for preparation of field projects.

iv. Promotion on bamboo business and business matching with the support of inter alia JICA, JETRO and other Japanese organizations as well as Invest India.

To evolve North East Region as a hub of innovation and design for bamboo based products recreating synergy between various premier Institutions of the region in collaboration with Japan


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