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Transcript of Sound-bite by Foreign Secretary on India-Japan-US Trilateral (November 30, 2018)

December 01, 2018

Foreign Secretary, Shri Vijay Gokhale: Prime Minister had a very good meeting earlier today with Prime Minister Abe and with President Donald Trump, it was a very warm meeting, it was very friendly meeting.

President Trump and Prime Minister Abe complimented our Prime Minister for the reforms and the development work that he has done and the three leaders exchanged views on the Indo-Pacific.

They all agreed that a free, open, inclusive and rules based order is essential for the region’s peace and prosperity. The Prime Minister offered some ideas on how we should take forward the concept of the Indo-Pacific, how the three countries can work together to promote this concept.

Prime Minister in particular felt that it is necessary for the three countries to reach out to all the stakeholders to explain the benefit of the Indo-Pacific strategy and their advantages to these countries.

The leaders also agreed on the central role of ASEAN and they also agreed to work on maritime and connectivity issues and to synergize efforts in this regard.

All three leaders felt that such meetings are useful and they should continue in the margins of the subsequent G20 meetings and overall there was a very positive atmosphere and the outcome of this first trilateral, the Japan-America-India trilateral has been very encouraging and the Prime Minister and the other two leaders were very pleased with the outcome.

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