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Telephone Conversation between PM and the President of United States of America

April 04, 2020

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had a telephonic conversation today with H.E. Donald Trump, President of United States of America. The two leaders exchanged views on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the global well-being and economy.

The Prime Minister conveyed deep condolences for the loss of lives in the United States, and his prayers for early recovery of those still suffering from the disease.

Stressing the special relationship between the two countries, the Prime Minister reiterated India’s solidarity with the USA in overcoming this global crisis together. The two leaders agreed to deploy the full strength of the India – US partnership to resolutely and effectively combat COVID-19.

The Prime Minister and the US President exchanged notes on the respective steps taken in each country for mitigating the health and economic impacts of the pandemic.

The two leaders also touched upon the significance of practices such as Yoga and Ayurveda (traditional Indian herbal medicine practice) for ensuring physical and mental well-being in these difficult times.

They agreed that their officials would remain in close touch with respect to the global COVID-19 crisis.

New Delhi
April 04, 2020

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