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Indo-French Strategic Dialogue

July 30, 2001

The decision to institute a strategic dialogue between India and France was taken during the Indian Prime Minister's visit to Paris in September 1998. Shri Brajesh Mishra, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister and Mr. Gerard Errera, Special Representative and Envoy of French President and of the French Government are the designated interlocutors from the two sides. So far six rounds of talks have been held, the last being in Paris on January 31 - February 1, 2001. Issues covered under the Indo-French strategic Dialogue include non-proliferation, disarmament, role of the United Nations, international terrorism, regional developments, especially in Europe and Asia and bilateral issues. France is appreciative of India's voluntary moratorium on nuclear tests which it sees as a forward movement on non-proliferation issues. This dialogue has helped us immensely to sensitize France, and through France other EU Countries, on our security concerns and the need to look at the issue of sanctions against India with greater maturity and understanding in the wake of our nuclear tests.

The strategic dialogue in New Delhi on July 31 - August 1, 2001 is the Seventh Round. The agenda is attached. The dialogue will give us an opportunity to exchange views in the wake of new developments in international security situation and threat perceptions of today. India and France also have an active ongoing co-operation in defence matters. This dialogue will also provide an opportunity for reviewing our ongoing defence co-operation ties with France.

Mr. Gerard Errera will make a courtesy call on the Prime Minister on August 1 and will also meet the External Affairs Minister.

  • Regional situation:
    1. Asia: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia, Indonesia
    2. Middle East
    3. Balkans (with particular reference to the situation in Macedonia and Kosovo)
  • Relations with principle strategic partners:
    1. China, Russia, USA
  • Developments within the Europeon Union
    1. EU Enlargement
    2. Europeon Foreign Security Policy
  • Politico-military questions
  • Bilateral relations

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