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MISSION SAGAR: A major Milestone in India’s Engagement with IOR Countries

July 01, 2020

INS Kesari, which was on deployment to the Indian Ocean region on ‘Mission Sagar’, returned to India on June 28, 2020 traveling over 7,500 nautical miles over 55 days.

2. Launched on 10 May 2020, Mission Sagar was India’s initiative to deliver Covid-19 related assistance to the countries in the Indian Ocean region. As part of this Mission, INS Kesari successively visited Maldives, Mauritius, Madagascar, Comoros and Seychelles to deliver assistance to our maritime neighbors in dealing with the Covid crisis. India’s humanitarian assistance included supplies of essential food items, medicines, Ayurvedic medicines and deployment of Medical Assistance Teams (MAT) to Mauritius and Comoros.

3. Mission SAGAR is a major milestone in our engagement with the countries in the Indian Ocean Region, in line with Prime Minister’s vision of ‘SAGAR- Security and Growth for All in the Region’.

4. The Ministry of External Affairs deeply appreciates the assistance and solidarity of the respective host Governments of the Republic of Maldives, the Republic of Mauritius, Republic of Madagascar, Union of the Comoros and Republic of Seychelles for their warm reception and logistical support to the Mission.

New Delhi
July 01, 2020

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