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Joint Statement, Meeting between Foreign Secretaries of India and Pakistan

June 28, 2004

  • The Foreign Secretaries of India and Pakistan met in New Delhi on 27-28 June 2004 to resume the Composite Dialogue. They discussed ‘Peace and Security including CBMs' and ‘Jammu and Kashmir'. The talks were held in a cordial and constructive atmosphere, and with the objective of taking the process forward.
  • They reiterated their commitment to the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations, and their determination to implement the Simla Agreement in letter and spirit.
  • Both sides expressed satisfaction over the ongoing process of dialogue and confidence building between the two countries. They approved the measures recommended by the Expert level meeting on Nuclear CBMs in New Delhi on 19-20 June 2004. They agreed to conclude an Agreement on pre-notification of flight testing of missiles, and entrusted the Experts to work towards finalizing the draft Agreement. Both sides reaffirmed the elements in the Joint Statement of 20th June on the need to promote a stable environment of peace and security, recognizing the nuclear capabilities of each other constituting a factor for stability, working towards strategic stability, and the call for regular working level meetings to be held among all the nuclear powers to discuss issues of common concern. The two sides proposed a comprehensive framework for conventional CBMs aimed at initiating and enhancing communication, coordination and interaction. These would be discussed further.
  • Recalling the reassurance contained in the Joint Press Statement of January 6, 2004, they exchanged views on carrying the process forward in an atmosphere free from terrorism and violence.
  • The Foreign Secretaries reiterated the hope that the dialogue will lead to peaceful settlement of all bilateral issues, including Jammu and Kashmir, to the satisfaction of both sides. They held detailed exchange of views on Jammu & Kashmir and agreed to continue the sustained and serious dialogue to find a peaceful negotiated final settlement.
  • It was agreed that the strengths of the respective High Commissions would be restored immediately to the original level of 110; it was also agreed in principle to re-establish India's Consulate General in Karachi and Pakistan's Consulate General in Mumbai. Modalities would be worked out by the two Governments. All apprehended fishermen in each other's custody would be immediately released and a mechanism put in place for the return of unintentionally transgressing fishermen and their boats from the high seas without apprehending them. Steps would be initiated for early release of civilian prisoners.
  • The Foreign Secretaries also agreed that the meetings of the remaining six subjects of the Composite Dialogue on Siachen, Wullar Barrage/ Tulbul Navigation Project, Sir Creek, Terrorism and Drug Trafficking, Economic and Commercial Cooperation, and Promotion of Friendly Exchanges in Various Fields, would take place between the third week of July and the first half of August 2004.
  • The Foreign Secretary of Pakistan conveyed invitations from the President of Pakistan to the President and Prime Minister of India, and to Smt. Sonia Gandhi.
  • The Foreign Secretaries will meet again in the third week of August to review progress achieved in the Composite Dialogue and prepare for the meeting of the Foreign Ministers which will immediately follow.
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