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Translation of Prime Minister's address to the Indian community in Bahrain (August 24, 2019)

August 25, 2019

Namaskar !

The way you welcomed me, I once felt that I was in some part of India.
I am so excited with so much enthusiasm, so much love, I am excited.

I express my gratitude
to His Highness King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa,
to His Highness the Prime Minister,
to the Government of Bahrain,
and also to the people here for the hospitality.

I realize that the Prime Ministers of India have taken a little longer to visit Bahrain. But I have also got the privilege of being the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Bahrain and I am satisfied and happy with it.


While coming on stage here, I was seeing that a magnificent presentation of India's Cultural Heritage was being done. Be it Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, every language of India, every tone was echoed.

These colors of Indianness are our strength. This iridescent image of India amazes and attracts the whole world.


My visit to Bahrain may be as the head of the government, as Prime Minister, but my object is also to meet the Indians settled here and communicate with millions of Bahraini friends.

My effort is to provide 21st century freshness and modernity to 5 thousand year old relationships. Those relationships that came from Sumer, Dilmun's Indus Valley, must reach new heights between India and Bahrain of 21st century and I have come here to accomplish this.

I have come to invite millions of Bahraini companions to the new Opportunity, to a new horizon of New India of 130 million dreams.

Brothers and Sisters,

Our relations with Bahrain have been about trade and business, more than this, have been about humanism, of sensibilities, of culture, of values.

Our visit to each other for thousands of years has left its mark in both countries. I have had a very fruitful conversation with His Highness The Prime Minister.

Apart from strengthening the strong cooperation between us, we have decided to extend our relationship to new areas like space.

I look forward to meeting His Majesty The King. He sent me an invitation, I am very thankful to him for this.

The societies of the two countries have inherited a lot from each other for a long time. In particular, our Family Values have been given great priority by the society of both countries. We have considered a strong and empowered family system as the basis of empowerment of the society.


Today is the holy festival of Janmashtami. I have been told that there is still the tradition of narrating Krishna Katha on Janmashtami in the Gulf region. Indians, especially Gujarat and Gujaratis have a special love for Krishna, a special reverence.

Why, because? Bahrain has old relations with Gujarat. So it is natural that here Lord Krishna's Murali resonates in your heart. Here too, have reverence for Dwarkadhish. Tomorrow I will go to Shrinathji's temple and pray for the prosperity and peace for all of you and your host country. It is the oldest temple in the region. Recently it has completed two hundred years.

I know how you and the devotees from India celebrated this occasion with reverence and gaiety. It is also a matter of pleasure that the work of redevelopment of this temple will be formally started tomorrow. This temple is a living mark of faith in you. And it is also a symbol of Bahrain's tradition of diversity and harmony. I have had conversations with many people there.

Based on what I have seen, what I have heard, I can say that Bahrain's society has preserved Indian faith, tradition a lot.


This has been possible because our relationship is not only with governments but with society. You have a big role in Bahrain's Growth Story. The soil here has made your dreams, dreams of your loved ones flying. Whenever I hear the praise of the Indian colleagues of the government here, the business associates here, settled here, the comrades who work here, my heart is filled with happiness. There is immense goodwill here for your honesty, loyalty, workability and your contribution to the socio-economic life of Indians. You have made a place for yourself here with your hard work. We have to strengthen this Goodwill.


Your contribution to the development of India is also commendable. Your hard work is coming for your loved ones living in India, and it is helping to raise the standard of living of your family.

Brothers and Sisters,

Today, Ease of Living is our priority in India. In New India, work is being done to ensure that no one has to wander for their basic needs. Today when you talk to your family and relatives living in India, you feel the change. Do you feel the Change? Look at the changing attitude and grace of India? The self-confidence of India and Indians is increasing?

All this is happening because in the last 5 years, the emphasis was on making the life of ordinary human beings easier. Homes were built for crores of poor families of the country. Toilets, electricity, gas connections, every such basic facility was provided to the houses.

Today almost every family in India is connected to banking services. Mobile phones, the Internet is within reach of a normal family of India. The cheapest internet data in the world is in India. Today, the delivery of most services in India is done digitally and its efforts are being pushed forward. The facility of social security is also being provided to the normal family. Insurance or pension is being provided at a very nominal premium. Not only this, about 50 crore Indians have also been provided facilities for free medical treatment up to Rs 5 lakh.


This is the change due to which 130 crore Indians have chosen the government with a bigger mandate than before.

Every Indian has come to believe that India's dreams can be fulfilled, hopes and aspirations can be fulfilled. This Sewak of India, on the basis of this belief, your Sewak is busy in proving new resolutions. Our goals are high, but when you have the support of 130 crore people, you get encouragement. India is moving forward today, not only with the efforts of the government but with the participation of crores of Indians.

The government is sitting on Steering only but the Accelerator is being pressed by the people of the country.


Now India has decided that in the coming 5 years we will try to double the size of our economy. Five trillion dollars is in front of us as a target today. For us, 5 Trillion Dollar Economy is not just a figure, but a means of empowering ordinary Indians. If the economy doubles, the income of every Indian household will also increase. Purchasing power of an ordinary Indian will also increase.

Brotehrs and Sisters,

To reach this point of 5 Trillion Dollar we have the Potential as well as the Plan. To achieve this goal, we have not yet started work, but have built a strong foundation in the last 5 years. Today India is making extensive improvements in every global ranking. We have also improved the ranking of the World Intellectual Property Organization's Global Innovation Index, the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness (Competitiveness) Index and 10 FDI destinations listed by UNCTAD.

In Ease of Doing Business, we also aim to be in the top 50 countries. As a result of this, FDI is coming to India at a record level today. I am confident that our friends in Bahrain will also be more eager to take advantage of this unprecedented investment climate in India.


Today, unprecedented work is being done in the field of Physical and Digital Infrastructure in India. The network of Roadways, Highways, Railways, Airways, Waterways and i-ways are being laid.

In the coming 5 years, an investment target of Rs 100 lakh crore has been set in the country's infrastructure sector. Talking about digital infrastructure, today India is one of the most digitally connected countries in the world with the facilities of Mobile Phone and Aadhar. Now fast work is being done to provide broadband connectivity in every gram panchayat of the country. Different levels of work are also being done for 5G connectivity in the country. We have a very large and extensive repository of data. The Indian model of Digital Transaction is now being discussed all over the world.

All of you have also been huge beneficiaries of the Digital Revolution in India. You all must have experienced how difficult it was until 5 years ago to talk to your family, your relatives and send money there. Now you can do all these things very easily.

Facilities like BHIM app, UPI and Jan Dhan account have made banking in India accessible to the common man. Our Rupay-card is now becoming a favorite medium of Transaction all over the world. Banks and Sellers around the world are now accepting our Rupay card. I am glad that you will be able to transact in Bahrain soon with RuPay card. Today there is a MoU signed for use of RuPay card. With this you will get the facility of cashless transactions. Further, we intend to provide you the facility to send money to your home in India through the RuPay card. So that the cost of sending money is reduced, and the transactions should also be reliable. Now you will be able to tell your friends in Bahrain that - Pay with RuPay.


Till some time back rupee was popular here and Rupee was in circulation. Now a few days later the RuPay card will come in use.

Brothers and sisters,

The RuPay card is one of the systems in India that is providing Seamless connectivity to the entire country.

Today, India is moving towards One Nation, One Card for Seamless Mobility. Today, there is One Nation, One Grid for power supply across India. One Nation, One Tax as GST is applicable for the whole of India.

There are many such systems, which are being made in India to make life and business easier. The important thing is that all these solutions are being made in India itself, the youth of India are making it. Today, India is seriously working on the Concept of Local Solution For Global Application.


India has shown its power in front of the world. Today, India's talent is building India's global identity. It is doing wonders for India as well as for the world, for which everyone is astonished. In large projects of the world, in the research of future technology, Indian institutions are showing their talent in big institutions. At the same time, new dimensions of success are being achieved in India. You all know that India's Chandrayaan is going to land on the lunar surface on 7 September. Today, the entire world is discussing the Space Missions of India.

The capabilities of ISRO, our scientists, our engineers are being praised all over the world. The world is surprised that in such a limited budget, how are we able to achieve such results only on the basis of our skill, efficiency and Discipline? Actually this is our strength and this is our Advantage. We rely on unmatched will power, not just on the budget, to achieve big tasks, big goals.

Brothers and sisters,

The nation is made up of proudly raised heads, not of borders. In the last five years, it has been our endeavor that the head of crores of Indians living abroad, along with 130 crore Indians in the country, always remain high. Millions of Indians like you are a strong link in India's relations with the whole world. Today, if India sees the world with respect, then there is a big reason behind it. I assure you that the way the Government of India has stood with you in your good and bad times, you will be ready to serve you with full strength even further.


In 2022, our independent India will become 75 years old. Every Indian has taken many resolutions for this important step. I will also urge you to take some new resolutions at your level. Like you decide that every year, every year you will motivate some of your Bahraini friends for India's Tour. From beautiful hill stations to rich spiritual and cultural heritage in India. Also discuss about quality medical and meditation tourism of India with your Bahraini colleagues. This year is very important anyway. This year, the country will celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Though these festivals will be celebrated all over the world including Bahrain, but what better place than India to join Gandhiji in the true sense?


We will be able to fulfill our responsibilities towards India properly only when we will join the whole body and mind with Bahrain's resolutions. I was told that His Highness and the youth, citizens here have waged a campaign to clean their seas. I appeal to all of you to participate actively in this campaign. In India too, we have launched a successful and comprehensive campaign on cleanliness. Now India has decided to liberate India from single use of plastic by the year 2022. Not only this, a huge mission has been started to save water and also to bring water to every house. You can also participate actively in this campaign. You can take the initiative to revive the wells, stepwells, ponds, lakes of your ancestral village with which you have memories of your childhood, your parents' childhood, and adopt them.


If we work for the common interests and common values of Bahrain and India, then our historic relationship in the 21st century will definitely touch new heights. Both India and Bahrain are ancient civilizations but modern nations full of potential. I am confident that lakhs of ambassadors like you will give more strength to this strong bond of relationships. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to talk once again.

Jai Hind.

August 24, 2019

Disclaimer: PM's speech was delivered in Hindi. This is an approximate translation of the speech.
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