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EAM’s statement on Ministerial meeting on the Alliance for multilateralism- Building the network and presenting results

September 27, 2019

Ladies and Gentlemen,

India is delighted to join the Alliance for Multilateralism and appreciate the initiative of France and Germany. We do so because we believe that multilateralism matters, really matters and it is under stress today as much as from nationalism, as from mercantilism. The Kindleberger trap on the shortage of global goods is far more serious than the Thucydides Trap. The challenges are global but we still respond largely nationally.

2. But, nationalism need not be so. We in India are proud of our traditions and confident of our future. But we are also deeply committed to Internationalism. Indeed, the common belief is of the world as a family. Larger international commitments have the support of the public. And are more important as reflected in our budgets. And it is visible in our activity at the UN.

3.The centrality of the United Nations to international relations and the WTO to international trade must be recognized, preserved and protected. Adherence to international law is also critical. But, if regimes and institutions are to be credible, they must also be contemporary. Equally important new issues will arise which will require new rules and practices. India is proud to be associated with two of them, one dealing with Solar Alliance and the other with Disaster Resilient Infrastructure.

Our gathering today speaks of the strength of multilateralism. Let it give us confidence as we conduct policy.Thank you very much.

New York City
September 26, 2019

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