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English Translation of Remarks by Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi at the Joint Press Meet with the Prime Minister of Nepal

April 02, 2022

Your Excellency,

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba Ji,

Distinguished Delegates,

Media colleagues,


It gives me great pleasure to welcome Prime Minister Deuba ji to India. Today, on the auspicious occasion of Indian New Year and Navratri, Deuba ji has arrived. I wish him and all the citizens of India and Nepal, a very Happy Navratri.

Deuba ji is an old friend of India. This is his fifth visit to India as Prime Minister. Deuba ji has played an important role in the development of India-Nepal relations.


The friendship of India and Nepal, the relationships of our people, such an example is not seen anywhere else in the world. Our civilization, our culture, the threads of our exchanges; are connected since ancient times. We have been companions of each other's happiness and sorrows since time immemorial. The basis of our partnership is the mutual relations between our people and the exchanges between them. These give energy to our relations, maintain them.

In the context of Nepal, the policies of India and its efforts are inspired by this spirit only. India has been a firm partner in the journey of peace, progress and development of Nepal and will always remain so.


Today, Deuba ji and I had a fruitful conversation on all these topics and many other important issues. We discussed different aspects of our cooperation, reviewed progress of various projects and also discussed the roadmap for future.

We both agreed that we must take full advantage of opportunities for cooperation in the power sector. Our Joint Vision Statement on Power Corporation will prove to be a blueprint for future collaboration. We emphasized the importance of progressing at a fast pace in Pancheshwar Project. This project will prove to be a game changer for the development of the region. We also agreed on the subject of more participation by Indian companies in Nepal's hydro power development plans. It is a matter of happiness that Nepal is exporting its surplus power to India. It will contribute well to the economic progress of Nepal. I am glad to inform that many more proposals to import power from Nepal are also being approved.

I am happy that Nepal has become a member of the International Solar Alliance. This will promote sustainable, affordable and clean energy in our region.


Prime Minister Deuba ji and I have also agreed to give priority to the initiatives on trade and cross border connectivity in all respects. The introduction of Jayanagar-Kurtha rail line is a part of this. Such schemes will make great contribution to smooth, hassle-free exchange between the people of the two countries.

Introduction of Rupay Card in Nepal will add a new chapter to our financial connectivity. Other projects like Nepal Police Academy, Integrated Check Post at Nepalganj and Ramayana Circuit etc. will also bring the two countries closer.


We also discussed today the issue of Open borders of India and Nepal being misused by unwanted elements. We also stressed on maintaining close cooperation between our defense and security institutions. I am sure that our talks today will prove to be effective in setting ambitious goals for the future of India-Nepal relations.

Deubaji ,

You will be in Kashi tomorrow. Nepal and Banaras have centuries-old relationship. I am sure that you will definitely be impressed to see the new look of Kashi. Once again, I welcome you and your delegation to India.

Many Many Thanks!

DISCLAIMER: This is the approximate translation of Prime Minister’s remarks. Original remarks were delivered in Hindi.

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