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Banquet Speech by Prime Minister during his visit to Tanzania (July 10, 2016)

July 10, 2016

Your Excellency, President Magufuli,
Distinguished guests,
Thank you, Excellency, for your kind remarks, your generous hospitality, and for the warmth with which you have welcomed me and my delegation.

Despite today being a Sunday, you have taken out time for us. For this, I am grateful to you.


I am happy to be in this dynamic city of Dar es Salaam – the abode of peace.

I am told that there is a proverb in Swahili – Heri yako heri yangu – meaning, Your happiness is my happiness.

This is the spirit with which I have come to Tanzania today. The ties between our two countries have deep historical roots. For over centuries, our people have known each other. The waters of Indian Ocean connect us. And, we are two nations with strong maritime traditions.

For centuries, we have harnessed the favourable winds to trade across waters of Indian Ocean. We talk of an inter-dependent world today. Way back in the eighteenth century, the Mandvi port of Gujarat and Zanzibar were considered inter-dependent ports. Literature talks of merchants in Mandvi port in Gujarat eagerly awaiting the arrival of Swahili boats."

Most early Indian migrants to your great country happened to be from my home state. Today, the Indian origin community in Tanzania is an important link between our people in the fields of business, healthcare, and education.

In recent decades, right from the times of President Nyerere, our shared values, common struggles, and a strong desire for the progress and prosperity of our peoples has defined our ties.


In recent years, our ties of commerce, links of trade and investments, and development cooperation have flourished. If today, India has emerged as the World's fastest growing large economy.

Then, Tanzania is one of the most important economies on this continent. My detailed discussions with President Magufuli today covered the full range of our partnership.

Our comprehensive agenda of cooperation is driven by our key development priorities and our common security needs. These discussions would lay the foundation on which we will construct a twenty first century partnership.


India has been, and will always be, a trusted partner in the developmental journey of Tanzania.

And, as you: ·

  • modernize your agriculture;
  • expand your education and health care system; and
  • industrialize your economy;
  • skill your youth;
  • build your capacities and institutions;
  • secure your people and society.
You will find in India a reliable friend.

And as a friend, we are ready and willing to share our experiences, our expertise, our capacities and our technology with Tanzania. And, do so based on your needs and priorities.


I request you to join me in raising a toast:
  • To the health and success of His Excellency, President John Magufuli;
  • To the progress and prosperity of the friendly and hospitable people of this great country, the United Republic of Tanzania; and
  • To the enduring friendship and partnership between India and Tanzania.


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