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Passport Seva Programme V2.0

January 07, 2022

The Ministry of External Affairs today signed an agreement for second phase of the Passport Seva Programme (PSP-V2.0) with M/s. Tata Consultancy Services Limited, our valued partner, appointing them as the Service Provider for the project.

The PSP-V2.0 is a continuation and enhancement of PSP-V1.0, an e-Governance instrument, which introduced unprecedented transformation in delivery of passport related services to citizens. The focus was on timely, transparent, more accessible and reliable platform, accessed by citizens in a comfortable environment through streamlined processes; and a committed, trained and motivated workforce. The project design ensured that support functions like citizen interface, technology backbone, call centres, training and change management etc. were provided by the Service Provider, and the Government continued to exercise all sovereign and security related functions in the passport issuance process.

The number of public dealing offices has increased across the country. Ministry is working towards opening of a Seva Kendra in every Lok Sabha Constituency where there is no Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) or Post Office Passport Seva Kendra (POPSK). As on date 93 PSKs, 428 POPSKs and 36 Passport Offices are operational. The Programme has recently been connected to more than 176 Indian Missions / Posts through Global Passport Seva Programme (GPSP), providing seamless delivery of passport services to Indian diaspora.

The key elements of PSP-V 2.0 are setting up of a state-of-art digital ecosystem, process overhauling and integration among various stakeholders and database, improving citizen interface, upgrading technology, adopting best practices and strengthening data security. Security aspects, including strategic assets such as Data Centres, Database and the Application Software will be owned by the Government. There would be strict access controls across the system, incorporating biometrics. On the digital front, the programme envisages a Data Centre, Disaster Recovery Centre and Government Secure Repository networked to all PSKs/POPSKs, Passport Offices and also to Indian Missions/Posts aboard, an electronic file system for passport processing running across the passport issuance ecosystem and 24x7x365 monitoring and supervision through state-of-art Network Operation Centre (NOC) and Security Operation Centre (SOC).

Recognizing the need to continually improve the quality of Government to Citizen (G2C) services and the mantra of Good Governance via IT and digital media, the Passport Seva Programme would be embarking on technology upgrade with the use of Biometrics, Artificial Intelligence, Advance Data Analytics, Chat-Bot, Auto-response, Natural Language Processing, Cloud Enablement. The issuance of e-Passports for enhanced customer satisfaction, increased security and next level of citizen experience will also be unveiled in the upgraded PSP-V 2.0. The Passport Seva Programme is a citizen centric e-Governance platform. The attributes of being responsive, caring, considerate, and transparent would continue to be the guiding principle of the Passport Seva Programme.

New Delhi
January 07, 2022

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